Miley Cyrus Encourages Fans to Smoke Marijuana Instead of Cigarettes

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Miley Cyrus is no longer 'tongue tied' — she's back in action after her stint in the hospital, and spewing all sorts of nonsense words that'll leave parents far from pleased. (Not that that's anything new.) Most recently, during her Bangerz tour concert in London, where she encouraged fans to smoke marijuana instead of cigarettes…

She begins, "It smells like somebody's smoking in here and you're not smoking the good stuff. You know weed has never killed anybody. Instead of smoking a cigarette, why don't you roll a fat joint?" Okay, reassuring youngin's it's all right to break the law, the youge.

The 21-year-old continues, "I used to smoke, I smoked for three years and they were the best three years of my life… but they slowly started to kill me and I started looking old and I'm only 21… and no one wanted to make out with me." The best three years of her life? K.

"In the middle of smoking all these joints, I could get any guy and girl to make out with me, because my breath smelled so hot. I love cigarettes, but I can't smoke, so now I'm just trying to bring you guys all down with me… and make you not smoke either. Im pissed off because I can't have a cigarette. I wish cigarettes didn't kill people, because then I would f****** smoke all day." Wow, way to be cocky with the whole 'I can get anyone' thing.

What do you think of MiCy's argument? Are you happy to hear that she's back to work? Tell us all your Miley Cyrus-related thoughts in the comments below.

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  • broknstrings

    Ok, sure weed is against the law and encouraging people to break the law is bad, but I do completely agree with her saying that weed is better for you than cigarettes. That’s not to say she should be telling people to smoke either but would you rather her tell people to do something that kills them?

  • Sam

    She’s fricken crazy telling her fans that!

  • Maree

    Okay, I am a big Miley fan and have always looked up to her. I supported her even though for the longest time everyone saw that she was a bad influence to her fans. I understand that she has a lot of younger fans but it isn’t her job to babysit them. I don’t totally agree with everything she does and says but she I do agree that she is free to make mistakes. She isn’t the little teenager off Hannah Montana that everyone expects her to be. Let her live life and learn from her mistakes. If you feel she is too much for your children these days, don’t let them listen to her! Everyone’s kids is NOT her responsibility.