Justin Bieber Under Investigation by LAPD for Allegedly Attempting Robbery

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Just when we thought Justin Bieber was starting to take the high road, he goes and gets himself in trouble with the police… again. According to TMZ, the Biebs is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly attempting to commit robbery. WTF??

The incident apparently happened at an LA sports complex where Justin and his entourage were in the batting cages. A scuffle ensued between JB and other batters, and when he realized an onlooker was going for her phone to take pictures, he demanded that she give it up to him so he could delete any evidence. The woman refused to give him her phone so Justin allegedly went into her purse and grabbed it himself.

Although the woman tried to wrestle the phone back, Justin wouldn't give it up. He then discovered the phone was locked and demanded she unlock it to prove there were no incriminating pictures on it. Ultimately, the woman complied with his request and showed JB that she took no photos of the star — she and her daughter were simply just fans and wanted to say hi. Somewhere in the midst of the scuffle, Justin apparently yelled, "You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don't you just get out of here?" And the little girl started crying. Uhh, didn't anyone teach you that admitting you're wrong is the greatest form of humility, Justin?

Justin hasn't publicly responded to the allegations yet, but the LAPD did go to the woman's house where she officially filed a complaint.

Do you think Justin is in the wrong here? Is the woman being too dramatic? Give us all your thoughts in the comments below!

Justin Bieber's really not having a good week…

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  • zhanna

    Thats crazy because he clam he got every thing . He clam he got this and that and he thinks he better than everyone else. So if you got this and that than why are you robbing somebody.

  • Kiana

    I have nothing against Justin Beiber, but I think that everyone has been using the excuse that “He’s young, he doesn’t know what he’s doing!” for way too long. He’s technically an adult now, so he needs to start acting like one. I understand people make mistakes, but a person that continually makes mistakes, showing that he hasn’t learned from them at all, is someone who should not be supported and made excuses for. People need to stop protecting him, so he can learn there are consequences for your actions. But on the other hand, I also think people should lay off and let him live his life the way he wants to, since it really is none of the public’s business.

    But, to address his latest incident, I think that he should be used to the paparazzi by now, as it’s part of being so famous. He should have owned up to his mistake.

  • blondie

    I think Justin Drew Bieber didn’t do anything wrong in life, we are all human’s on earth everyone make mistakes in life you have to forgive the bad eventually and move on what in the pass. To me Justin drew Bieber is still famous, I love Justin Bieber and i always will i’m a believer. i know a lot of people won’t agree with me, But read the bible, because it say forgive the bad and see the good. everyone does something horrible as what Justin Bieber did, life is life i think people should stop jugging someone because what his doing…

  • lafonda

    Um ok i dont like jb but when has TMZ ever told the truth

    • sara

      i love you T L and i totaly agree that jb is jackass

  • huh?!

    I think she has thever right to file a complaint she never said he robed her that’s just the title of the article to get you to read it but I agree jb was in the wrong he didn’t need to act that crazy, he obviously acted crazy enough to make a little girl cry jeez

  • Cecillia Le Roux

    OMG you have got to be kiddig me! People still can’t get the message! LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE!!! It’s his life, and people should just stay out of it! He is only trying to make good music and enjoy his teenage years! I know he turned 20 in march, but still inside he’s a young boy growing up in a very difficult world! I didn’t know that 90% of the world is full of crule people, i thought people have a heart? even haters should just give him a break? all this madness is going to drive him to death! and it won’t only kill him, but it will kill thousands of young beliebers! Justin is going through a tuff time at the moment, and is obviosuly paranoid with all this paparazzi, i totally understand why he would try and take the phone off the woman, i mean if i was a superstar living that kind of life i would have done the same thing too. Justin just needs to live his life and ignore the rest of the crule world! I am so happy that his mother Pattie is supporting him and still by his side! She is an amazing mother, and to the haters, instead of wasting your lives trying to ruin someone’s life, find a job, find someone to fuck and leave him alone and sort your own life out!

  • Me

    Okay.. It’s obvious that the woman can state anything she want, right? I think many people have already taken pictures of justin bieber and he didn’t want to delete all those millions of pics… It’s simply that people are trying to make him angry so then he does something wrong (that each and everyone would do in this world) then they can turn to do the media and the police and once again they prove that justin bieber is the devil, he needs to leave the country… WTF? He is a 20 year old boy who has the money to do whatever he wants to which sometimes ends up wrong.. But I think news like that are rather based on people’s attempt to get attention and try to blacken this boy’s name… People are wrong and justin bieber needs unfortunately a bit more of self control for this amount of money and fame. But he will learn it and will remain a wealthy famous man, while all these unhappy people will just remain unhappy if they don’t start to deal with their own lives.

  • Becca

    This story isn’t even real. TMZ obviously has nothing else to write about so they pick on him. If people pay attention you would see how much better Justin looks and the way he is acting. Why would he do something like this right when he’s getting his life back on the proper track?

  • Anony

    JusTin is dumbshit. I hate his ugly f*ckin a$$ you people are stupid to believe he’s so innocent. Well innocent MY A$$. You guys need to open your eyes and see what he truly is a little d*ck

  • JEN

    Since when is TMZ a reliable resource? Don’t even like the kid but this situation does not make sense

  • Becca

    This story isn’t even real, TMZ made it up because they have nothing else to write about and he’s the easiest target. If people pay attention you can see that Justin is doing a lot better and he wouldn’t do something stupid like this when he’s finally starting to get his life on the right track again

  • Ari

    This is probably not even real, just like basically everything else. So people bringing your unneeded negativity into this, just dont.

  • Sam

    That’s insane. He didn’t try to steal her phone. He just wanted her to delete the pictures. Because she didn’t do that, he had to do it himself by force.

    • Tired teen

      *loses faith in humanity

  • Ex-fan

    WTF, she was in no way in the wrong. JB has problems that are beyond manageable by himself. HE NEEDS HELP. His fans constantly defending him even after all the ridiculous stunts he has pulled is not helping his situation either…

  • Melanie

    I think she’s being just a little over dramatic. Like seriously, “attempted robbery”? Yeah, Justin went through her purse to get her phone, but he wasn’t gonna steal her phone he just wanted to delete any pics of him she may have taken and then return the phone. I mean, just from listening to the account of what happened you can tell that he wasn’t gonna steal the phone. I don’t care that she and her daughter were “fans” & wanted to say hi. When the mom went for her phone, Justin & his crew were in the middle of an altercation with someone. It should’ve been completely obvious to her that Justin was NOT in the mood to meet fans!

    • Mackenzie

      It is illegal to go through ANYONES things. Whether or not your famous or just going to give it back after. It doesn’t matter. He “searched” her phone without her consent. Illegal.

      • Juan pepe

        Really?..taking pictures without others consent is illegal also..so they are both wrongs..and he did asked her to show him the phone before he searched her purse..

      • Kaitlin Cubria

        Actually, that’s not entirely true. Our right to take pictures in public places in the United States is protected under the First Amendment.

      • Shelboo

        Ya that’s not right… Justin bieber is just like a regular person like us too it doesn’t matter. Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t giv him different rights… I HATE Justin bieber but still the Oman could be lying

  • Claire

    Wow. I most diffidently think the woman wasn’t being dramatic. That’s insane.