11 Girls Joe Jonas Has “Dated”

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Although Justin Bieber is the king of rumored (and confirmed) relationships, Joe Jonas comes in at a strong second. From his early loves who inspired quintessential tween pop songs to high-profile breakups — *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* — it seems that Joe’s love life has been through the ringer. Anyone remember that YouTube video?!

At the ripe ‘ol age of 24, Joe seems to finally be settling down, but still has a hefty list of exes who many may (or may not) have forgotten about. While not all were confirmed, we feel pretty confident in this list of the girls who Joe has, quote-unquote, dated in the past:

Mandy Van Duyne

Mandy was the Jonas' neighbor when they still lived in New Jersey and is the girl who inspired the JoBros' first hit, "Mandy."

Photo: Mandy Van Duyne

AJ Michalka

When the Jonas Brothers and Aly & AJ toured together in 2005, Joe and AJ quickly hit it off. Their relationship wasn't long-lived, however, and didn't end very well -- "Potential Breakup Song" was apparently inspired by Joe.

Photo: Twitter

Amelia Aye

Joe briefly dated Australian model Amelia Aye and even wrote the song "Australia" for her. Are we seeing a trend here...?

Photo: Amelia Aye

Chelsea Kane

Rumors swirled that Joe and Chelsea were a thing long before they starred together on Disney's "JONAS."

Photo: Tumblr

Taylor Swift

Rumors swirled about Joe and Taylor's relationship, and despite being spotted together numerous times they never admitted to be a couple. After the two broke up, however, Taylor held nothing back and told Ellen DeGeneres that Joe broke up with her over the phone in 27 seconds. Ouch.

Photo: YouTube

Camilla Belle

Joe admitted that Camilla was his celebrity crush multiple times and was excited when she starred in the Jonas Brothers' "Love Bug" music video. The two were soon spotted out together on what seemed like dates and, despite facing criticism that they looked related, stayed together for a few months.

Photo: Twitter

Brenda Song

Joe and Brenda hung out frequently, and although their relationship was never confirmed, Joe recently admitted to New York Magazine, "I used to sneak out and hook up with this one girl in her car ... The girl was also in the business, and we thought we were screwed because we were both working with Disney. It would have been the worst thing we could think of happening to us. But nothing ever came out!”

Photo: Twitter

Demi Lovato

Joe referred to Demi as his little sister throughout their Camp Rock days, so when they announced that they were dating fans were kinda shocked. The relationship only lasted about a month and many blamed Joe for being a factor in sending Demi to rehab.

Photo: Teen Vogue

Ashley Greene

Unlike with Joe's past relationships, Jashley never hid their couple status. She joined him on tour, held his hand in public and even called him "sweet and really funny" in an interview.

Photo: Facebook

Natashia Ho

Fans got to know Natashia Ho's name when she and Joe were spotted holding hands in NYC during the summer of 2012. Turns out she was a cocktail waitress at a club in Las Vegas where the two met.

Photo: Cirque di Soleil

Blanda Eggenschwiler

Joe's dating story ends (for now, at least) with Swiss artist Blanda Eggenschwiler, who he started dating in 2012. They two are constantly lunching, shopping and Instagramming together, so we wish them nothing but the best!

Photo: WENN

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