10 Bad Boys From Old TV Series You Can’t Help But Miss

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Wikia (Degrassi)

Wikia (Degrassi)

When you think of TV bad boys, Damon Salvatore or Klaus or, you know, someone that’s equally awesome but not related to The Vampire Diaries will usually come to mind. Maybe Caleb from Pretty Little Liars or even Puck from Glee (despite the fact that he barely comes around anymore). But what about all of the hot bad boys from television series past?

While there are plenty of CURRENT heartthrobs that’ll make you drool all over your keyboard, today we’re making it all about the bad boys you can’t help but miss from old TV shows.

Jesse, Gilmore Girls

Even though Rory cheated on Dean with Jess, thus totally breaking her first boyfriend's heart, we wish we could've swapped places with her just to sample the leather-jacketed cutie ourselves.

Photo: The CW

Chuck, Gossip Girl

Who else could use the phrase, "I'm {INSERT FULL NAME HERE}," and have it make complete sense as an answer? Only Chuck Bass.

Photo: The CW

Jesse, Hannah Montana

He may've left a stream of girls in his wake — because, uhh, have you seen him?? — but he could be was 'the one' for Miley Cyrus' alter ego.

Photo: Disney Channel

Sylar, Heroes


Photo: NBC

Brody, The Hills

Unlike Jason, who was a total tool on both Laguna Beach and The Hills, there's something about Kim K.'s step-brother that always left us wanting to know more.

Photo: MTV

Ryan, The O.C.

He was considered a tough guy in Ocean County from the get-go what with his leather jacket and cigarettes (and the fact that he didn't grow up in a luxurious mansion). However, it was his compassion and empathy that drew us in like Marissa.

Photo: FOX

Nathan, One Tree Hill

Prior to hooking up with Haley, Nathan was the WORST, cheating on Peyton, getting into fights with Lucas whenever he could, plus he was cocky as sin... What was it that we fell in love with, again?

Photo: The WB

Lex, Smallville

Superman's enemy is still one of our favorite villains.

Photo: The WB

Robbie, 7th Heaven

It's gotta be his good looks, because Robbie Palmer was a TERRIBLE boyfriend.

Photo: The WB

Shawn, Boy Meets World

The man who will forever be our childhood crush. Thanks, Rider Strong.

Photo: ABC

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