Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Wed In Florence, Italy — Get All The Details Here!

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After what seems like years of anticipation, the big day has finally come and gone — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially married! While the days leading up to the Kimye wedding were full of lavish parties and gorgeous dresses in Paris, the city of love, clearly not all went as smoothly as expected because both Rob Kardashian and Beyonce and Jay Z were absent from the ceremony. WHAT THA–

We know what you’re thinking; how could the bride’s brother and the groom’s best friend NOT show up to the wedding of the century? Uh, we’re asking the same question, people. Bey did post a congratulatory photo on Instagram, however, so we guess the rumors of bad blood aren’t very true. BUT, the story gets even WEIRDER, because Rob actually made the trip to Florence, Italy, where the duo got hitched, but suddenly booked a flight back to LA the night before the ceremony. According to a TMZ, Rob was even in tears as he tried to get a seat on the plane!

Kim and Kanye didn’t let any family or friend drama ruin their day, however, as Kim looked radiant in a custom Givenchy gown as she walked down the aisle to an Andrea Bocelli serenade. Reports also say that John Legend performed his hit “All of Me” and said Kimye was an inspiration to him.

Stay tuned to for more details about the #KimyeWedding and, more importantly, why some of the most influential people in Kim & Kanye’s lives didn’t show up for their big day. Let us know what you think happened in the comments below, but we’re definitely smelling something fishy here…

Get the details on Kim’s bachelorette party in Paris:

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