20 Moments That Prove You Should’ve Stayed in Bed This Morning

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Happy Monday! JK… there’s actually nothing really happy about being forced to get out of bed early after two glorious days of rest and relaxation. #ForeverExhausted. And BTW, whose idea was it to make the week five days long and the weekend only two? C’mon, that is so not fair! It’s safe to assume that when your alarm went off this morning you hit the snooze button a million a few times, but something, whether it was school or work or a puppy needing a walk, got you up and at ’em. But listen, mornings are the worst in general. And when things go wrong they become that much more horrific. So take it from us; if any of the following happen to you, you proooobably should’ve just stayed in bed:

1. Get out of bed, immediately stub your toe.

…then hit your funny bone.

2. This happens to you:

3. Or this:

4. Your blowout gets ruined the second you step into humidity.

5. It’s a downpour and you don’t have an umbrella.

6. You’re NOT having a good eyeliner day.

7. You lose your phone in your bed.

Tumblr (juliette1002)

Tumblr (juliette1002)

8. The loud neighbors kept you up all night.

9. It’s Saturday.

Tumblr (juliette1002)

Tumblr (juliette1002)

10. Too. Cold. To. Function.

Tumblr (studcbs)

Tumblr (studcbs)

11. More blankets, please!

Tumblr (juliette1002)

Tumblr (juliette1002)

12. Your significant other whips out one of the:

Tumblr (studcbs)

Tumblr (studcbs)

13. Or does this:

14. This too:

15. You see one of these:

16. HAHA, nope.

17. There’s one unread email left on your phone but you can’t. Seem. To. Find. It.

18. Really, contacts? Really?

19. A chipped nail already?!

20. When you finally get up you realize there’s no more milk.


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