One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Caught Smoking Marijuana, Internet Responds

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In a shocking video leaked by the Daily Mail, One Direction's Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson can be seen smoking marijuana after a recent concert in Peru. Zayn, who was being filmed by Louis who was narrating the event, can be seen with the lit joint. At one point he even acknowledges that what they're doing is "very controversial." Although Miley Cyrus would probably approve, especially after encouraging her fans to smoke marijuana instead of cigarettes, some 1D fans are not very supportive. Many expressed their disappointment on Twitter immediately after seeing the video.

Others, however, were quick to defend the boys:

So far, neither Zayn nor Louis have said anything regarding the incident. A reporter for The Sun confirmed, however, that a rep for the boys did make a short but powerful statement, which read, "this matter is in the hands of our lawyers." Seeing as Louis is the one who recorded the event himself, we're assuming the boys' lawyers will be going after the person who got his/her hands on the video and leaked it to the media.

So, Directioners, which side are you on? Do you think the boys went too far and should apologize or do you think people are overreacting? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • emily

    omg its not even a big deal yes they not a very good roll model but come on its not like they killed someone and at least its only weed and not something worse gosh people make seem as if it was the end of the world

  • Frier

    It’s not our Call to say it’s wrong of Them or that were dissapointed, it wont help anyways, what done is done, and what Can we do about it? So many other people do it too, not an execuse, but yeah..
    And they have grotten a massive weight on Their shoulders, just like Justin Bieber had, people tend to go Down on a bad pattern.
    And they have not dissapointed any of us, they love Their fans, and they Tour do whatever they have to do for the fans, but really no one understands the pressure they’re gotten

  • Erin


  • Sophie

    Not sure what to say about this. Not to sure if it is true or not. Never would have thought Zayn and/or Louis would do such a thing.

  • Madison

    I think it’s perfectly fine as long as they don’t end up justin bieber and besides it’s their life I’ll always accept them for who they are. And besides at least it isn’t cocaine or meth. Love you boys!

  • S.

    I love them all a lot, but I’m really sad that they smoked weed. All I’m concerned about is their health, and I don’t want any legal issues to happen, or the fandom split into sides, againd Zouis or with Zouis. My point is, it’s their life, and it doesn’t change their personality, but it could affect their career, and I don’t want there to be haters against them just for this!so I guess I’m alright with them, but I really want to change something about them smoking…I wish they would quit:(but it’s their life, so I don’t want to interfere.

  • Sam

    People are ripping and burning their tickets over this and I think that’s ridiculous and going too far! People pay so much money for them and it’s such a waste when they trash their ticket over something like this.

  • Chandra

    I think it’s fine that they smoked weed.They are definitely a lot cooler now that they do and as long as are cool about it and don’t be a “Justin Bieber” It’s totally fine.

  • Z.

    “Stop judging them, it’s their choice” should people judge them by their looks then? If someone wants to leave the fandom ’cause they were disappointed it’s rather understandable, you are a fan of someone ’cause of their work, but when it comes to fandoms it’s also because of their personalities, so I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • N

    Everyone is missing the point! They can do whatever they want, true, but there was no reason to film it. I love them with all my heart, and I will always be a directioner, but there was no reason for them to film themselves doing drugs, whether they were legal in Peru or not.

  • Ansley Angorish

    It’s not lie its a bad thing for their health. If it were cocaine i think we could be outraged, but its weed, guys, it wont kill them. I mean if they want to chill out after playing for a bunch of loud screaming fans with a little loud it isnt going to kill them. Just think if they did meth or some crazy ishh we could mad. But this is a-okay with me and with doctors and with BBC and with Nat-Geo, so if science doesnt care neither do I.
    —The Young and The Reckless

    • HolitaHi

      But the weed can take them to that road. I am not judging them, I really like them. And it hurts to see that they are probably attempting against their health. I wish they would stop. :(

  • Thalia

    I think it’s their life. They can decide what they do with it. I’m not very happy about it, but it’d be silly to get all upset because, in the long run, us fans don’t control their lives, and theyt can do whatever they want.Please don’t hate on them just because of a decision, and for all we know, it could be their first time doing something like this. As long as they dont get cancer or addicted or something else that’s just as awful, I’m ok with it. #DirectionerandProud