10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ready Set’s Jordan Mark Witzigreuter

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It’s a special edition of The Next Big Thing! While we already gave you your weekly dose of fresh talent, we just had to talk to you about The Ready Set‘s Jordan Witzigreuter because… he has a brand-spanking-new studio album out rightthissecond!

The 24-year-old’s The Bad & The Better CD just dropped yesterday, and we are all. Over. It.
Not only does it feature The Ready Set frontman, but it was produced by Ian Kirkpatrick (who also produced tunes for Neon Trees, The Plain White T’s, Young the Giant and Breathe Carolina. NBD). Jordan and his band will be hitting the road this summer on the entire Warped tour, but until that happens, why not get to know a little more about him first? Here are ten things you didn’t know about The Ready Set, straight from Jordan himself. (Thanks, Razor and Tie!)

On his musical inspirations:

"My biggest influences are bands like Copeland, Mae, Saves The Day, and tons of others. I was really into those bands when I started writing songs! Now I like to keep my ears open to everything. Anything can inspire me!"

Photo: Instagram (@savesthedayband)

On his current celebrity crush:

"I just saw Rachel Bilson on a chocolate commercial last night and it brought back all of the O.C. feels."

Photo: Magnum Chocolate

On his biggest fears:

"Making decisions out of fear. I think it's important to feel positive before you make any big decision about anything, otherwise fear can blind you."

Photo: WENN

On his favorite classes growing up:

"I liked English, it was always easy for me. I was also in jazz band, so I got to play drums every day!"

Photo: WENN

On his spirit animal:

"Giant anteater."

Photo: WENN

On his motto:

"I've never thought about this — I'm not sure if I have a motto! Even though it's really simple, I think 'Do exactly what makes you happy' works for me!"

Photo: WENN

On his favorite food:

"If I could live off of sushi alone, I definitely would."

Photo: Twitter (@thereadyset)

On his guilty pleasure beverage:

"I drink more coffee than I probably should, but it's one of my favorite things ever."

Photo: Twitter (@thereadyset)

On his pets:

"I have a dog named Backpack and a cat named Nonsense."

Photo: Twitter (@thereadyset)

On his favorite films:

"I am extremely easy to please when it comes to movies. I like pretty much everything!"

Photo: Twitter (@thereadyset)

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  • Briana

    It’s actually a band so you can stop pretending to be smarter than everyone

    • Emily Cosenza

      Actually, The Ready Set is only one person. Jordan said so himself that The Ready Set is a solo career.

  • Sam

    I like some of their songs.

  • Lucy

    Omg i love Jordan so much!

  • kaelie

    i saw them live once!

    • kaelie