Fans Rip Up, Burn One Direction Concert Tickets After Louis and Zayn Marijuana Video Leaks

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While most fans have been supportive after the video of One Direction's Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking marijuana leaked yesterday, others took the shocking discovery to heart. For the most part, those who disagreed with Louis and Zayn's decision simply expressed their opinions on Twitter or Facebook. But, in some extreme cases, a few Directioners went as far as ripping up and burning their concert tickets to the boys' upcoming Where We Are Tour shows. Um, WHAT?!

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  • Ross Kardon

    I do not think these so-called ‘fans”, or should I say former fans of ONE DIRECTION should have burned their tickets, just because these young musicians were smoking marijuana. It was foolish for them to deliberately to miss out on going to see ONE DIRECTION in concert, because most of the real Directioners will never get to see them even once in concert. If I was a Directioner living in Hawaii, Alaska, or other any place in the world where big name performers rarely, if even ever. come to give concerts, I would want to scream in their faces with rage and fury, for destroying a chance to see ONE DIRECTION in concert!

    But, then again I think marijuana should be completely legalized in the first place. So I do not hold it against the ONE DIRECTION band members for smoking marijuana.

    Alcohol Prohibition under the Volstead Act 1919-1933, was a complete failure and so is the marijuana prohibition of today. I thank God there is finally now a growing movement to finally legalize marijuana for recreational purposes!

    But, what do I think of ONE DIRECTION, myself? I am a 50-something guy and I usually don’t go for these kind of young, pop star boy bands. However, just out of curiosity and on a lark, on August 13, 2104, I went to see ONE DIRECTION in concert at the Lincoln Financial Field. Pardon the pun, but boy was I ever pleasantly surprised! These ONE DIRECTION guys are fantastic. Because of going to this concert, I am now a gung-ho adult Directioner and I just can’t to see them in concert again!

    Now I have this to say to the young people who ripped and burned their ONE DIRECTION tickets; when you grow up to become an old fogie like me; you are going to deeply regret you missed out on seeing ONE DIRECTION in concert!

  • zhanna

    1. Waste of money.
    2. That is what they get.
    3. You guys are stupid.
    If your going to do all that stuff don’t make a video and do it on the DL (down low).

  • Shan

    Even though what the guys did was not a so-called “mature” act, they are their own adults and are free to make their own decisions. We all make good and bad decisions because we are humans; we’re not perfect but our job is to learn from the experience. I am not saying what they did was orthodoxically right but it’s in the past. So let the past be the past, enjoy the present and look towards the future. Think about it: if someone truly dear to you, like a brother or sister, did that then Yes you would be disappointed in him or her at first but you would still love him or her. That’s a love I thought “Directioners” had for the band but some may prove me wrong. “So-called” fans shouldn’t take such extreme measures, like burning the tickets, because they don’t uphold what the guys did. Tickets like that aren’t easily accessed and cost money so a wiser decision would have been to sell them or if you are really kind-hearted then give them away.

  • aj

    WTF?!. Is this serios shit theh are an adult people and they know what is right and whqt is right
    I mean c’mon. It was legal I Pero or whatever it called and they did it for fun they are human and they have to hqve fan do not forgeg that they wanna live their lives and their ages are you fucking idiots they do not deserve to lose respect of fans it’s their lives not ours you stupid people
    I was a huge directioners but not anymore not cuz they smoked pot or any other trash but I’m getting older and this is how life goes on I still have some love for them and won’t forget q y moment and I didn’t even met them .. maybe I will in the future qnd mqybe not I live far away
    you stupid you could just give yout tickets to someone who deserve it qnd who can’t meet then easier or daily weekly or even yearly like some fans does
    sorry for my bad english

  • Maddie

    I think burning and tearing up tickets is a huge waste. I understand not wanting to attend the concert, but there are better things to do with those tickets. There are plenty of people who’d love to have those tickets. I’m not happy about what they did, but it doesn’t justify such a huge waste. And what about the rest of 1D? As far as I know, Harry, Niall, and Liam didn’t do anything wrong. Why should everyone on tour be punished for something two independent adults did? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • chelsea

    wtf this is crazy stupid waste of space dirty rats ahahahahahahahahahahahah you let your fans down very disappointed ugly piece of poooooo (shit heads)

  • Ellie

    What I don’t appreciate is the fact that most 1D fans support and stand by anything these guys do. The band has so much power and influence over these kids, when they are only kids themselves. The fans should think for themselves, and believe in their own opinion. Anyways, that’s my 2 sense! (I mostly am writing this to see what celebrity profile photo I’ll get aha)

  • Ashley

    They’re still alive for pete’s sake! It’s their life! They can do what ever they want to do!!!!!

  • Clary

    It was expected.

  • Sam

    That’s just crazy! It’s such a waste!