7 Boys Demi Lovato Has “Dated”

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Demi Lovato may sing about giving her heart a break, but she definitely doesn’t take too much time off when it comes to her relationships IRL. If our research is correct (and by research we mean Google FTW!), Dem has had her fair share of BFs since she hit the scene in 2008. Don’t worry, people, we’re not talking anything crazy like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber – but Miss Lovato definitely has a way with the fellows!

So while it feels like she and Wilmer Valderrama have been together forever, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see which other guys have found a spot in Demi’s heart…

Jonathan Fryar

Apparently Demi and Jonathan dated briefly in 2007, before she became famous.

Photo: Myspace

Nick Braun

When a photo of Nick and Demi kissing leaked, fans assumed that the duo were more than just friends. We never learned if they did date for sure, but they were super cute together!

Photo: Twitter

Cody Linley

Cody told Seventeen the worst date he ever had was with Demi. He said, "It was really the most up and down night of my life. When I finally got Demi, we went out to eat and I was explaining to her, ‘Yeah, my car, I’m sorry, it broke down,’ and as I’m saying that, it starts making a crazy noise again! And I was like, ‘Oh, oh, oh no,’ and she's like, ‘What's happening?’ I was like, ‘Nothing, it's all good.’ She's like, ‘Are you sure?’ So I had to stop the car and get out. Demi was really sweet. She held the light for me and put in her car repair advice.”

Photo: Instagram

Alex Deleon

Apparently Demi's song "Catch Me" was written for The Cab singer.

Photo: Twitter

Trace Cyrus

Fans learned of Demi and Trace's relationship back in 2009 when the two flirted on Twitter CONSTANTLY. Similarly, when they dramatically ended their relationship fans found out through their indirect tweets.

Photo: Twitter

Joe Jonas

Although Joe and Demi once referred to each other as brother and sister, the duo took their relationship to the next level in 2010.

Photo: WENN

Wilmer Valderrama

Demi and Wilmer have been together on-and-off since 2010. This year on his birthday, Demi posted an adorable pic of the two along with the message, "To the funniest, most inspiring, incredible man I know.. @WilmerValderrama - thank you for helping me get through my darkest moments.. You truly are a light to this world and to my life.. Happy Birthday!!!"

Photo: Instagram

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5 Responses to "7 Boys Demi Lovato Has “Dated”"

  1. Teen.com
    Nun says:

    Niall horan and Demi would look so cute together! Niall is childish and cute and Demi is so mature and pretty.

  2. Teen.com
    kira says:

    demi im 9 i love you i really love sonny with a chance i realy want to meet you you the best

  3. Teen.com
    Joshthio says:

    Demi is prety girl I hope she got handsome BF and who is the choose hope is the best I love you Demi …

  4. Teen.com
    cat says:

    that “nick braun” one isn’t even nick….that’s keith carlisle. -_-

  5. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    I loved her and Joe the best!

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