Quiz: Could You Date The Fault in Our Stars‘ Augustus Waters?

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20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

You’ve heard what Ansel Elgort expects on his ideal date, but right now, it’s all about his alter ego from The Fault in Our Stars, Augustus “Gus” Waters. With the year’s biggest tearjerker on its way to theaters, we felt that it was absolutely necessary to find out whether or not we you would be a perfect match for the best fictional boyfriend of all time. To see if you could be like Hazel Grace Lancaster, sipping “stars” across from him at a restaurant, take our quiz to find out.


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7 Responses to "Quiz: Could You Date The Fault in Our Stars‘ Augustus Waters?"

  1. Teen.com
    Gifty says:

    yes! i don’t even have to do the quiz to know.

  2. Teen.com
    Lizbeth says:


  3. Teen.com
    susana says:

    si amo el librooo y voy a ver la peli

  4. Teen.com
    sheyla says:

    I think that the fault in our stars is a great book, and i love it :D

  5. Teen.com
    Rachel says:


    • Teen.com
      Angela Hernandez says:

      Me encanta la película y ame el libro. Esta basado lo mas parecida a el y no le cambiaron casi nada

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