Jennette McCurdy Posts Detailed Letter About Ditching Bad Friend, Internet Assumes It’s About Ariana Grande

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After much speculation about the status of Jennette McCurdy’s friendship with Ariana Grande, Jennette has finally spoken her mind about letting go of a “trouble friend.” And, in true Internet form, many people have already made their assumptions that the friend she’s talking about is Ari.

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10 Responses to "Jennette McCurdy Posts Detailed Letter About Ditching Bad Friend, Internet Assumes It’s About Ariana Grande"

    Angel says:

    I’m looking forrwad to listening to the 2 new songs(Don’t you just hate those people and have to say goodbye)Where can I listen to them???Anyway,I know that whenever I listen the songs I will LOVE them because there Jennette’s!!!!LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    peace says:

    jennette i understand what you feeling you just had to pour your heart ouy so the whole world can understand you and reason things out with you..not that am taking sides or anything but you did the right thing

    zhanna says:

    Ariana must have done some very bad for it to be about her so… What could she have done to Jannette. She is a outgoing person but when you tick her off than she is going to take the butter sock out on you.

    Hayley says:

    I feel like jennette is intitled to her own opinions but it is really rude and mean to put that letter out on the internet. She couldve done it personally to the person and i feel like she just handed the situation wrong. And yes jennette that is extreamly offensive to the person. You didnt have to be soo mean in the letter.

    hope says:

    i think that ariana is a beach she goes from boy friend to boy friend boy friend boy friend
    she is a ho and jeneat said the stuff she needed to and she was right and ariana got what duserfed i think jenet should just have her own show and erery one thought she was cancling the show because she took a pic in her panties and braw well heres what i have to say to that is was to her boyfriend so stop the gossoip and get out of her personll life you haters love you jenet

    han says:

    They are bitches anyway bitches

    sylina says:

    i love sam and cat show #thebestshowonNICK

    Ann says:


    Sam says:

    Aw! But they were such good friends.

    Claire says:

    This is why I love Jennette it’s because she tells it like it is and personal I know exactly how she feels.

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