EXCLUSIVE: Funny Prom Stories You Need to Know from American Authors

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Mercury Records

Mercury Records

You know that song you probably have stuck in your head right now? The one that goes. “This is gonna be the best day of my life // My li-i-i-i-i-ii-ife” followed by all those ‘oo oo’s? Then you’re already familiar with our latest guests on The Next Big Thing: American Authors, the rock band that croons “Best Day of My Life.”

With the foursome — comprised of Zac Barnett, Dave Rublin, Matt Sanchez and James Adam Shelley — topping the charts with their hit “BDoML” single, as well as a world tour with OneRepublic and The Script happening rightthissecond, we felt it was the perfect time to introduce the group to our lovely Teen readers. And with prom on its way (or already here for some of you), we asked the guys about theirs!

Read along as the members of what’s soon to be one of your next favorite bands dish on their fun and/or most embarrassing prom stories, plus check out cool pictures from American Authors’ first show on tour with OR at Red Rocks!

Matt's Prom Story

"My date and I were at our table chatting with our friends and enjoying our meals. The waiters proceeded to bring out the dessert with this over the top production. They turned out all the lights, lit the top of the Baked Alaskas on fire and brought it to the table. Well, one must have been too close to the wall because as soon as it was lit, so was the curtain!"

Photo: Twitter (@MattAAuthors)

American Authors at Red Rocks

Photo: Svetlana Joukova

Zac's Prom Story

"A prom tradition is that dates exchange corsages and boutonnières to one another before they head to the dance. For my junior prom my date and I thought it would be fun to each wear old sport photo buttons of one another. So instead of have a flower on the lapel of my suit jacket, I wore a button of a picture of my date wearing full soft ball attire at age seven. She wore a picture of me in soccer gear at age 6 around her wrist. It was pretty funny and cute and kind of balanced out the fact that I wore a red suit and cornrowed my hair for the event."

Photo: Twitter (@ZacAAuthors)

American Authors at Red Rocks

Photo: Svetlana Joukova

Dave's Prom (Well, 8th Grade Dinner Dance) Story

"One time I was trying to take this girl to the 8th grade dinner dance and to impress her I tried to learn how to break dance and so at a party I busted it out an broke my thumb in the process. Needless to say she said yes! But still I felt like a dumb a**."

Photo: Twitter (@DaveAAuthors)

American Authors

Photo: Mercury Records

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