Fan Gets Surgery After Being Injured By Demi Lovato Crowd Surf Fail

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Demi Lovato can sing, dance and act, but according to the fan who had to get surgery after the singer fell on her, she definitely cannot crowd surf. Wait — what?! While performing at KOKO in London over the weekend, Demi got really into “Neon Lights” and chose to be closer to the crowd. She then decided standing on the barricade wasn’t enough and actually jumped in head-first with the hope her Lovatics would carry her. Unfortunately, however, she just ended up falling on top of a bunch of people and one got really, really hurt in the process.

The girl who got hurt posted a post-surgery picture donning a neck brace on Twitter. Despite clearly being injured, the Lovatic was in great spirits and even said she didn’t care that Demi fell on her because it was the “best night ever.”

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  • Julia

    So did she stand there for the rest of te concert completely injured?

    • Kunal


  • ldkdldj

    It looks more like she fell.

  • Kunal

    Guys, you know that’s fake… Nobody would do that besides attention…

    Her parents would probably have sued Demi for a lot of money.

  • Sam

    I couldn’t see who got hurt.