REPORT: Robert Pattinson is the Shock Favorite to Play Indiana Jones

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So long, TwilightRobert Pattinson's reportedly the front-runner to star in another megawatt franchise. You may've heard of it before; it's called… Indiana Jones. WHA-?!

According to Daily Star, the 28-year-old actor may replace 71-year-old Harrison Ford as Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. (a.k.a. Indiana Jones or Indy) in the next series of adventure movies. Reports suggest the Star Wars actor "is now getting too old to play the whip-cracking action hero." Plus he's also committed to reprising his role as Han Solo this year.

The report continues, "Disney is looking at its long-term options for the Indiana Jones franchise. They feel that the series has huge potential on many levels, starting with the films leading to other spin-offs like games which can generate more money than movies. Rob is top of the initial list because he has showed his acting stripes away from Twilight. But the competition will be stiff."

Do you think Rob would be a good replacement in the series? Or do you picture someone else taking on the beloved character? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, people!

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  • Sam

    I could see him with that role!

  • Lea

    Absolutely not. We need a man who’s got as much grit as Harrison Ford, not a chick-flick pansy.

    • Aynsliee

      there is no way Indiana jones will be the same without Harrison Ford…. no just no!!!! I just would never see this happening

  • Mollie

    I think it would be amazing to let Rob have the part! I think he would be really good at being in an action/adventure movie!!!!! I really hope he gets the role!!!!