EXCLUSIVE: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Fifth Harmony

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If you’re a fan of girl groups, you’re prooooobably going to be obsessed with Fifth Harmony — that is, if you’re not already obsessed! For those not familiar, 5H is the product of Simon Cowell’s mind during the second season of The X Factor USA, as Camila, Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah originally auditioned as solo artists. Hm, the story sounds familiar doesn’t it? (cough*One Direction*cough). Although the girls came in third on the show, they’ve achieved more success since than most people could even hope for!

Hot off the heels of supporting Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights tour, the girls are gearing up to hit the road again this summer with Austin Mahone and The Vamps. So, when we got the chance to sit down with them amid their busy schedule, we obviously jumped on it! We think it’s safe to say that we’re kinda BFFs now, because we chatted about everything from their partnership with CLEAN & CLEAR’s #SeeTheRealMe campaign to their obsession with The Fault In Our Stars and The Vampire Diaries.

And, in honor of the #SeeTheRealMe campaign, which is all about inspiring each other to express the real you, we asked the 5H ladies to finish the sentence; The real me is _______. Watch their hilar responses below!

Click through the gallery for things about 5H even the biggest Harmonizers might not know!

On the Austin Mahone song they'd like to sing on tour:

Dinah: "Banga, Banga"

Normani: "What About Love"

Camila: "Shadow"

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They also need certain things from home to make them comfortable on the road:

Lauren: "I need a blanket from home that my mom brought me and I have four stuffed animals now. My collection is slowly but surely growing. I have one that’s from a fan and I have one that I won myself and I was very proud of it and then one that my boyfriend gave me."

Ally: "I have to bring my stuffed animal. I will have him until I’m 102. My dad gave him to me when I was little. I always travel with him. It’s my baby."

N: "My Hello Kitty blanket because I have a whole collection of Hello Kitty at my house. So I took my blanket and then I have my ring that I always wear and it has a cross on it. I just always keep it on me. It’s from my favorite jewelry company in Texas called James Avery and you can only get it in the south so it makes me feel close to home."

D: "I have this bracelet that’s a traditional Polynesian bracelet and my aunt gave it to me. I carry it everywhere I go because it reminds me of home."

C: "I’d probably be my phone, my headphones and my books and I’m set."

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Despite having fans of their own, they all still have their fangirl moments!

L: "My biggest fangirl moment was meeting Hayley Williams. She was my idol since 7th grade and she’s so talented and so cool and meeting her in person was so crazy.

C: "I have a lot, but one of my biggest ones was when we went to the VMAs and we met Ed Sheeran and we were being interviewed and he was right there and I was freaking out. And the guy brought him over and then we met him and had a conversation and he left and I went to the bathroom and literally cried. I just cried."

D: "I didn’t know what fangirl was until I met Camila. I think the first person I fangirled over was Ariana [Grande]. Even though we still meet her and bump into her deep down inside I’m screaming. I love her."

N: "I thought Ciara was Beyonce and I started crying on the red carpet. I thought it was Beyonce! She had the same everything! I guess it wasn’t my time but Ciara looked beautiful and I love her and that was probably just as amazing as meeting Beyonce.

A: "I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake and we were at the VMAs last year and it was my first time ever seeing him in person and I was literally hyperventilating and crying and screaming the words."

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Speaking of fangirling, Camila seriously can't wait to see TFiOS on the big screen...

"I’m excited to see the last scene…I’m excited to hear the voice when they go to Van Houten’s house in the last scene where he’s like, 'you don’t get to have a say in if you get hurt in the world but you do have a say in who gets to hurt you. I like my choice. I hope she likes hers.' And when I hear that I’m just gonna die."

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And Lauren and Dinah are obsessed with The Vampire Diaries...

L: "The finale was insane! For me, the scene that killed me the most was where Damon was a ghost and Elena was sitting there crying trying to get him to come back…I lost it. I have never sobbed like that in my life. I was like please Damon come back for her! You need to come back!"

D: "I'm obsessed! That show is my life. I keep tweeting so they make another season of the show."

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On which iconic music video they'd like to recreate:

A: "[Michael Jackson's] 'Thriller!'"

L: "[Britney Spears'] 'Oops, I Did It Again.'"

C: "My favorite music video is 'Bad Girls' by M.I.A. I could watch it over and over again and not get tired of it."

D: "TLC's 'Creep' or Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name.'"

N: "[TLC's] 'Waterfalls' or Beyonce and Jay Z's trailer for the On The Run Tour."

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What was the strangest rumor Lauren's ever heard about herself?

"That I’m a lesbian. When people are like, you’re a lesbian; Accept it! I’m like, no I’m not! If you’re a lesbian, go for it! Go you. But I’m just not. Sorry."

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She's also gotten some pretty weird things in the mail.

"I’ve gotten stuff dropped off at my house. Just random people finding my house. That’s super weird. Like my home. Dropping stuff off on my porch with my parents."

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The girls shared skin-care secrets they can't live without:

A: "Just really maintain a good regimen. Wash every morning and night. Moisturize. Take your makeup off no matter what time it is."

C: "Never sleep with your makeup on. Drink a lot of water.

D: "Don’t touch your face!"

L: "I use the [Clean & Clear] spot treatment."

N: "Also, for me, if you use oil or hairspray in your hair, it can run and it clogs your pores."

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And they're obsessed with Emojis!

They even reenacted their faves! LOL!

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