Glee’s Naya Rivera Suddenly Deletes Twitter Account, Internet Mourns The Loss

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Naya Rivera's had a pretty rough year. First, her engagement to Big Sean crumbled. Next, she found herself in the midst of serious drama with her Glee co-star Lea Michele. And finally, just as fans began to think things were looking up for the 27-year-old actress, she suddenly deletes her Twitter account without so much as a word. WHAT THA–

Listen you guys, we're just as confused as you are on this one. Just yesterday, Naya Instagrammed pictures from the NYC set of a movie she's directing and seemed happy as ever. While the Insta is still in tact, her Twitter is no where to be found. Naya was always super active on her social media account, and, as expected, fans are taking this shocking news pretty hard.

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  • Marco

    I’ll miss Naya.

  • Sadie

    That gif is such an accurate representation of how Nayaholics feel.

    • HAHA

      Right! Naya possible the most person with her expressions.

  • Jose

    I want to know the reason why she left.

  • Fan

    I’m sad to see her off twitter. But even more disappointed that you decided to us this article to attach a video about Naya talking about Demi when its almost a year old and there are far better or more recent videos to use instead of trying to manipulate your web hits by including a more popular celebrities name in this article. Its a cheap trick and I don’t appreciate it. Naya is her own person and doesn’t need to be attached to anyone to get you web hits.

    • IMissNaya

      @Fan says x2 !! Well said, I hate when they tag Naya with someone else.

      I miss Naya on twitter and I want her back, I hope that she comes back.

      • Andrea

        Her pose is preety much Pan am and the white cltcuh isn’t doing much either. It’s a shame because I love Naya and I want her to become more stylish.

      • Anel

        Good to see a taenlt at work. I can’t match that.

    • Mel

      I don’t think that was there intention. They always post about Naya and they didn’t mention Demi in the title. But I agree that the video was random.

  • Mel

    I already miss her on there.