The Vamps Face Backlash After Disney’s Laura Marano Stars In “Somebody To You” Music Video

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When we posted The Vamps' new music video for "Somebody To You" yesterday, we were pretty sure that everyone was going to love it. And while the general consensus was that the video is fabulous, some were not so thrilled about the band's choice to use Disney's Austin & Ally star Laura Marano as the leading lady. Yeah…we're just as confused as you are…

After doing some Twitter stalking, it seems that people are not thrilled that Brad, The Vamps' lead singer, seems to be flirting with Laura a little too much in the video. And, since tons of people ship Ross Lynch with Laura, this is clearly a problem. Another complaint is that The Vamps want to be R5, and using Laura as the love interest in vid is just another way for them to do that.

Apparently the hate got so bad that band member James had to post Twitter messages defending their casting choice.

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  • Shelly

    I wish people would shut up, Laura can date who ever she wants it doesn’t have to be Ross lynch and it doesn’t have to be brad but I honestly think Laura and vrad Would make the perfect couple, but like I said it’s up to Laura, not the general public so shutup

  • Nia

    I think the fans are being overly dramatic. It’s just acting. Plus James tweeted that they don’t choose the guys and girls to be in their music videos, the director does. So basically I think that this whole feud between these R5 + Raura fans & The Vamps fans + Braura fans is ridiculous. They’re doing jobs to make not only them happy but us too. The video was just acting. It wasn’t real. So calm down everyone & be a little more realistic.

  • laura

    wow how did ally get in the vamps what a surprise!!!

  • Greg

    Well to be honest i think that raura is a silly name and it should just b Laura and Ross; stop branding and b orginal peeps #followgregstrend

    • Thumper

      its the principle of the name its there name combined if that was the case all the other ship names should be destroyed

  • Dita

    The vamps and r5 are friends, actually. tehy performed together in london.
    And even though i ship “Raura” i think people are going way too far, with all the hate! they are normal people aloud to do whatever they want. and its just a music clip. not an official proposal.

  • LucĂ­a

    Laura I think is great and I see nothing wrong action is the only video I think people sometimes mix real life with the performance

  • Leonoor

    All these comments are true! Us Raura shippers were the one’s defending Laura against the so called Vamps fans. They were the one’s bashing on Laura, just because they were jealous. Not all the Vamps fans btw there are a lot of lovely people. Why don’t you try to do more research on an article before you starts attacking the wrong fandom

  • anon

    shut the fuck up you twats

  • nathalia

    Stop talking what you don’t know, what James said was about fans of THE VAMPS and not raura shippers. Who is packing confusion are THEIR FANS just because Laura ACTED as Brad love interest. And the raura shippers/Laura fans love the video though.

  • Melissa

    Dude Laura is such a lucky girl! She’s really close of both The Vamps and R5, accept it haters

  • Mayra

    I agree with Barbara the hate was coming from the vamps’ fans most of us raura shippers were excited for the video and we weren’t putting out hate

  • Amber

    Is this all really because of LAURA MARANO, I’m laughing so hard. She looked like a short midget (which she is) trying to promote herbal essence shampoo with her greasy hair. She’s so annoying it’s like she speaks through her nostrils, sorry.

    • Leonoor

      Why don’t you try to support The Vamps in their choice to let their FRIEND, who they ASKED THEMSELVES by SENDING HER FLOWERS, play in their music video. When you hate on her you’re hating on them.

    • Sam

      I actually don’t like you.

  • Shannon

    The Raura fans were absolutely ecstatic about the video. They had no problem with the fact that Laura played Brad’s love interest, like the recent comments, it wasn’t the Raura shippers that gave the hate. It was some of the fans from The Vamps.

  • ermraura

    The Vamps’ fans were being way over-dramatic about the whole thing. Laura is an actress, this is her job, this is what she does. She and The Vamps are good friends now, and The Vamps’ fans can’t do anything about it, and hating on her is definitely not going to help the situation either. We, Laura’s fans, loved the video and I personally think that The Vamps did a great job and the song is fantastic.

  • barbara

    The hate was from The Vamps fans to Laura Marano.
    a lot of the Raura shippers tought that Laura & Brad are cute

  • Katherine

    The Raura shippers were absolutely gushing over the video because they love Laura. Search the Raura hashtag from that day. It was Vamps fans that were freaking out and telling her to leave Brad alone and go back to Ross