10 ’90s Hairstyles You’ll Never Forget

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’90s television and movies were da bomb. If there was ever a time where anything in the media was more influential before then, we’ve forgotten all about it. Even to this very day, we reminisce over the fun toy commercials, iconic celebrity fashion and, now, the most influential hairstyles:

1. Feathered Bangs

2. Partial Pigtails

3. Spikes

4. Anything pushed back with butterfly clips or pretty bobby pins or those odd snap things that no one ever uses anymore.

5. Bantu Knots

6. Box Braids

Tumblr (jazzymaraj)

Tumblr (jazzymaraj)

7. The Rachel

Tumblr (f-centralperk)

Tumblr (f-centralperk)

8. Two strands at the front. Amanda Bynes annoyingly brought ‘em back during the entirety of 2007′s Sydney White.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

9. Crimped

Tumblr (hypeischeap)

Tumblr (hypeischeap)

10. The Middle Part

Which one was your absolute fave? Are we missing any big ones? Let’s talk about all things ’90s hair in the comments below, shall we?

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  2. Teen.com
    Cecilie says:

    8 and 10 are noot gone, i see them in school every single day..

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