EXCLUSIVE: 10 Things You Need to Know About Justin Bieber’s Musical Protege, Madison Beer

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When a then 13-year-old Madison Beer received a tweet from Justin Bieber in 2012, she, like any teenage girl would, totally freaked out. Do you blame her?! Since then, Madison has over 600,000 followers on Twitter and has been on the ride of a lifetime creating music and living her dream.

Now 15, Madison is signed to Island Records, the same label as Fall Out Boy and The Vamps, and just released her brand-new music video for her single “Unbreakable!” The song is an upbeat, inspirational tune a la Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Selena Gomez’s “Who Says.” So basically — we’re obsessed!

We recently had the chance to chat with Madison so we obviously got the scoop about her music, her relationship with Justin and everything in bewtween Click through the gallery below to read out whole interview!

On her biggest musical influences:

"The Beatles and Justin Bieber."

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And who shes inspired by professionally:

"Sophia Bush. She is a confident woman who speaks her mind on issues that she cares about. I have so much respect for her."

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On the first time she ever heard herself on the radio:

"The first time I heard myself on the radio was my collaboration with Cody Simpson called “Valentine” and I obviously freaked out! It felt like my dreams were really coming to life."

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But she still hasn't made her first big splurge yet!

"[I'm] still working hard to make that happen."

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Her nickname growing up was pretty hilarious...

"[It was] monkey because I would always climb on furniture, trees – pretty much anything. HA!"

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But it also explains one of her favorite emojis!

"[My favorite is] The monkey “speak no evil” or the moon emoji, hahaha."

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Even she has had some embarrassing on-stage moments...

"I forgot my lines to a section [of a song] and made up something completely new… it happens!"

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The app that she can't live without is kinda obvious...


Photo: Instagram

On her biggest fear:


Photo: WENN

And her biggest guilty pleasure:


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Did Justin Bieber Really Discover Madison Beer?

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  • Melody

    She is very beautiful omg

  • Don’t jugde

    Everybody has a talent and she doing great job and I’m impress I love her voice and support her and respect to her because any girls want to be her and she living right dream of girls who want to be. I listen to her melodies and that was so great that song are in my head I can’t stop singing that song and unbreakable is so good she singing from heart and when she be older she gonna be shoot popstar like justin bieber one direction. Love you Madison don’t stop what you doing and haha my English isn’t good but is alright. I want everyone read this because she is only 15 and don’t have to jugde how she looks and how she sing.

  • Not Impressed

    Did you ask her about why she keeps lying about her nude video leak? It’s disgusting. She’s not a good influence for girls her age.

  • xbiebersbutera

    I love Madison and I have from the moment I heard about her. I watched her covers, then Melodies was released and I loved that and she just released Unbreakable and I’m obsessed. You shouldn’t doubt Madison because she’s gonna become really big and I can’t wait to say I’ve been here from the start

  • Barbs

    The only reason she’s even relevant is because of the promotion she’s gotten from justin. She can’t sing, act, or dance and she really has no musical talent whatsoever. She’s just another pretty face with an autotuned voice in the music industry.

  • Louis

    You dont put The Beatles and Bieber in the same sentence! You just…dont

    • Barbara


    • John Lennon

      I’m quite fond of the comparison actually.. Always a Rock Star baby!