Zendaya to Play Aaliyah in Lifetime’s Biopic , Aaliyah: Princess of R&B

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Zendaya is officially branching out from her Disney roots! The 17-year-old singer/actress has been cast to play the legendary performer Aaliyah in Lifetime’s biopic, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.

For those of you not familiar, Aaliyah was an R&B sensation in the ’90s who unfortunately passed away in a plane crash in 2001. After her death, a bestseller called “Aaliyah: More Than a Woman”
was written. It is this book that the movie will be based off of.

According to Variety, Zendaya will record four of Aaliyah’s songs for the TV-movie. As a young performer herself, Zendaya is obviously thrilled to be playing such an iconic role. She expressed her excitement via a series of tweets, which read:

“She’s been an inspiration and influence in my whole career, her talent still shines brighter then ever, all I wanna do is honor her, show how much she accomplished in only 22 years….she’s beautiful inside and there will never be another Aaliyah, I just hope to share her beautiful story, and make her proud up in heaven #babygirl #forever #OneInAMillion”

In addition to receiving tons of fan support, Z’s BFF Bella Thorne sent a special tweet in response to the news.

The biopic is set to film this summer and will air in the fall. We’re so excited for Zendaya! Are you looking forward to the movie?

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  • Zee

    I loooove Zendaya all she wants to do is make Aaliyah and the fans proud of her…
    she can pull it off, I think people getting mad at her for no reason, just because she doesnt really look alike Aaliyah, Well Lil Mama doesn’t look like Left Eye but during the process of the movie they worked on her look she amazed her critics and haters, same with Jamie Foxx and Will Smith..give Zendaya a chance to shine, #Zendaya #Believe

  • JT

    Zendaya is the best actress to play Aaliyah, people need to stop being silly and let her play the role to the best of her ability, she’s great, spread support and encouragement not hate #Zendaya #Aaliyah #Oneinamillion #Babygirl

  • Trey

    How can people discourage Zendaya and expect her to give to great performance? give her the love, strength and support she needs to do Aaliyah justice. She very special and talented she’s a young star who wants to be like Aaliyah, let it be

  • Mya

    Honestly Zendaya has strong potential she’s cute and so talented, i really hope they continue with the biopic, Zendaya loves Aaliyah sooo much she’ll never let her down, like she said on twitter ‘I just want to honor her’ and I think she should do that, Zendaya’s incredible

  • Gus

    People are only dissin Zendaya because she doesn’t really resemble Aaliyah…I think she’ll work very hard to prove haters wrong, she’s sooo multi talented, If she resemble Aaliyah people won’t be complaining #Team Zendaya

  • T

    I’ve knew of Aaliyah since the beginning, I’ve seen her great talent grow through the years
    that she was alive, I think that the biopic movie is a great but Aaliyah’s family have said they don’t want one… and I think Lifetime should respect them.

  • Cory

    I was first heard Zendaya was playing Aaliyah I wasn’t happy, but after doing some research on her and watching her dance videos and acting and singing I think she suits the role of Aaliyah….Keisha Chante looks more like Aaliyah but Zendaya has the skills needed to play her

  • james

    Aaliyah came into the industry at 15, Zendaya is 17 they both have very similar lives and Zendaya is at the point where this is an great chance for her to expand her skills, I think she was the best choice…Keisha Chante, Tristan Mays and other girls auditioned but based on the fact that Zendaya was a more talented singer, dance and actress, they chose her, deal with it

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  • Lily

    Zendaya will do an amazing job as Aaliyah people are hating just because she doen’t resemble Aaliyah…did Will Smith resemble Chris Gardner or Jamie Foxx Ray Charles? No but they both gave amazing performance, give Zendaya a chance

  • Jessica

    I think Zendaya is perfect for the role of Aaliyah, she and Aaliyah have a very similar background, both went to drama school, both of them are triple threats and both were young when they cam into the industry. I think Zendaya will work hard and prove haters wrong,

  • Leo

    I think Zendaya was the right choice, She can sing, act and dance very well and is highly skilled for her age she’s 17 years old’….people mention lookalikes like Keisha Chante & Lolita Price but they’re not as talented as Zendaya is…..looks are nothing without the skills required to play Aaliyah and Zendaya definitely has them :)