Why Are We Not the Least Bit Surprised by Jennifer Lawrence’s Email Address?

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There's no filter when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence; that, apart from her over-the-top clumsiness, is what makes her so real to both famous and non-famous people alike (even though it can get her into hot water at times). So when we heard about her email address — more specifically, which word's included in her email address — we were not surprised in the least.

According to Lorde, who randomly took to Twitter to dish on the 23-year-old X-Men: Days of Future Past star:

Okay, so Lorde could very well be joking, but, come on, 'butt' — HOW JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS THAT?? J.Law, you slay us.

Whoa, was Jennifer Lawrence dissed by Jennifer Lopez?

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  • Mallory

    Why am I not surprised! I just freaking love this girl!!!