9 Things You Need to Know About Terry The Tomboy’s Audrey Whitby

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Audrey Whitby is only 18-years-old, but already has some huge acting credits to her name. For starters, one of her first serious roles was on Disney’s Austin & Ally with Ross Lynch — NBD! Since then, Audrey has found her onto a variety of shows, but you could say her TV home is on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans.

We recently chatted with Audrey and you’ll be happy to know that IRL, Audrey is one of the sweetest girls ever! But in her new movie Terry The Tomboy, she’s anything but nice! Here’s the movie description:

This summer, everyone’s favorite tomboy from AwesomenessTV is back and better than ever! Winning the annual county fair pie-eating contest should be easy as pie for someone like Terry, right? Wrong. When a handsome and athletic neighbor moves in across the street, Terry is faced with a tough choice: comb her hair and win the boy, or be herself and chow down!

Click through the gallery to read our entire convo about the surprising secret she knows about Ross, her celeb crush and more! Be sure to tune into Terry the Tomboy tomorrow at 8pm on Nickelodeon!

On her Terry the Tomboy character:

"[She's] mean to the bone! That is how I would describe Britannica. She is painfully honest and dressed in pink!"

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But off camera Audrey isn't like her character at all!

"[My favorite memory from set was] probably running around Hollywood Center Studios dressed as sailors with Allisyn Arm. We had everything from the striped shirts to very prominent mustaches. I miss those So Random days. We had a blast!"

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On a secret she learned about Ross Lynch while filming Austin & Ally

"Ross is actually an alien sent from space to make awesome R5 music. I mean how else can that sibling band of wonder be so great?"

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She probably shares the same celeb crush with your mom...

"My celebrity crush is none other than Robert Downey Jr a.k.a Iron Man. Yes, I know it is also your mother's celebrity crush but I CAN'T HELP IT. I have loved his witty antics ever since the first Iron Man movie came out."

Photo: Tara Dzienny

And her dream co-star is quite a bit older, too.

"My dream co-star would be Amy Poehler. I would love to play her daughter or little sister or ANYTHING related to her. I feel like we have very similar comedic styles and she is a very big inspiration to me."

Photo: Tara Dzienny

She can thank Apple for one of her nicknames.

"My mom and sister call me Budsey to this day. Apparently when you type Audrey into a phone it auto-corrects to Budsey! They also called me Cookie... because of my never ending love for [them]."

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On the TV show she's currently obsessed with:

"I'm currently obsessed with Game of Thrones. Not for the dragons or giants, but for the kick butt beautiful women. I hope I can one day fight for the seven kingdoms as they do."

Photo: Tara Dzienny

Her favorite emojis are:

"The see no evil monkey because I always find the positive in everything. Also, my sister and I have a motto 'follow your arrow wherever it points.' So I love the heart with the arrow going through it and anything to do with arrows because it means family and love and all that blah blah ooey gooey stuff."

Photo: Tara Dzienny

On the first time she ever saw herself on screen

"It was midnight and I was watching Disney Channel. All of a sudden the ads for So Random came on with a whole section designated to my signature sketch, the 'I'm Going to Marry Zach Feldman Show.' I screamed and yanked my mom out of bed to watch. We kept re-watching the commercial and giggling all night."

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  • Fernanda

    To Izzy: Lia is staring it, but Audrey is also on the movie! Lia plays Terry, but Audrey plays Brittania!

  • anonymous

    She look like miley cyrus

  • Izzy

    I thought Lia Marie Johnson was starring in Terry the Tomboy. Anyways, good luck to Audrey!

  • Sharon C. Bernath

    I think it is going to be a great show and can’t wait to watch it!! :)