The Internet Reacts to That Delirium Pilot We Never Had a Chance to See

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Delirium Pilot, Emma Roberts

In February of 2013, Delirium fans were thrilled to learn that Emma Roberts would play leading lady Lena Holoway on the TV adaptation of Lauren Oliver‘s best-selling YA book. Soon after, we learned that cuties Daren Kagasoff and Gregg Sulkin would be joining ER as her two love interests. Squee! But the happiness was short-lived when FOX REJECTED the pilot before fans ever had the chance to see it.

Apparently, though, all is not lost — the pilot has now hit the Internet! The 43 minutes worth of footage is now available on Hulu until July 14. FOX’s SVP of multi-platform programming, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, said of its launch, “Since the target audiences [for WIGS and Delirium] were such a great match, it made sense for us to get permission to allow both WIGS audiences and the fans of the Delirium book series to watch this thing. So why not? It was finished. It was great. Why not allow consumers to enjoy it?”

Many fans were elated to see one of their fave novels translated to their TV computer screens:

Others were more impressed with Daren Kagasoff’s good looks:

Some were left wondering why it was shot down:

While others are all, like, good riddance:

In fact, some people felt it didn’t relate to Lauren Oliver’s work at all:

But we wanna know YOUR reactions. Watch the pilot in its entirety below, then tell us if you think Delirium deserved to be a TV show in the comments!

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  • Alaska

    It could be good…if they had actors that fit the profile and you know acted like their given character convincingly.

  • Shanna

    I really want Delirium to be a tv show! The pilot was great!