15 Things You Need to Know About Zapped‘s Emilia McCarthy

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S. Markus Mathurin

S. Markus Mathurin

There’s a new Disney Channel Original Movie coming to TV screens this month. Perhaps you’ve heard of it; it’s called Zapped, starring Zendaya, Spencer Boldman and more! While you may recognize faces such as the aforementioned twosome’s — like from Shake It Up! and Lab Rats, respectively — today we’re here to introduce you to a fresh face: Emilia McCarthy‘s.

Not only is the beautiful teenager set to star as Taylor Dean, opposite your Disney faves in the TV movie on June 27(!), but she’s also starring in a film with Robert Pattinson this year by the name of Maps to the Stars. NBD. For more on The Next Big Thing, here are 15 things she told us EXCLUSIVELY that you need to know about her:

You probably could've guessed her nickname, but it's still adorable.

"My nickname is Em."

Photo: S. Markus Mathurin

On her family background:

"My mom is originally from Mexico."

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

Speaking of her mama...

"I speak Spanish thanks to her!"

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

And there's more where that came from...

"I also speak French."

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

As for her other verbal skills...

"My Australian accent is on point; have no idea why."

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

MAJOR shocker.

"I don't like cake."

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

But in terms of other treats...

"I live for Mexican food."

Photo: S. Markus Mathurin

Let's talk travel, shall we?

"I'm a city girl; big cities are where it's at!"

Photo: WENN

You'll never guess what she bought with her first paycheck.

"With my very first paycheck, I bought a Barbie.

Photo: Getty

On her pet peeves:

"My biggest pet peeve is when people chew food loudly."

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

On hear fears:

"I'm scared of sharks randomly. (I haven't even watched Jaws.)"

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

Acting isn't her only talent.

"I've been dancing for as long as I can remember."

Photo: Disney Channel

Wait, there's more!

"I published a book when I was 8 called Baby's Wish."

Photo: Instagram (@emiliaamccarthy)

On pets:

"I have a dog called Creme Brûlée."

Photo: Disney Channel

Her motto is:

"Hope for the best, expect the worst."

Photo: S. Markus Mathurin

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    She’s very pretty!

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    wow too cool