9 Things We Learned from Young And Hungry’s Emily Osment

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Emily Osment made a name for herself as Miley Cyrus’ quirky BFF Lilly on Hannah Montana back in the day, but since the show ended in 2011, Emily hasn’t slowed down at all. After getting a taste of being a part of the ABC family crew following her movie Cyberbully in 2011, Em is back on the network full-time with her new show, Young And Hungry! Here’s the show’s official description:

In Young & Hungry, two worlds collide when Josh, a wealthy young tech entrepreneur, meets Gabi, a feisty young food blogger, looking to be his personal chef. Gabi is desperate for the job and must prove herself, mostly to Josh’s aide, who prefers a famous chef for the job. When Josh enlists Gabi to prepare a romantic meal for him and his girlfriend, the dinner goes awry and Gabi finds herself in a very awkward position. With the help of her best friend Sofia and Josh’s housekeeper, Gabi turns a difficult situation into an opportunity for employment and maybe even love.

We recently chatted with Emily about the show (which is executive produced by Ashley Tisdale!), her relationship with her former Disney co-stars, if she’s just as obsessed with Pretty Little Liars as we are and tons more! Click through the gallery below to read what she had to say and be sure to tune into Young And Hungry tomorrow at 8pm ET on ABC Family!

On Young and Hungry you play a food blogger. If you had to blog about anything in real life, what would you choose?

"I read a lot. Maybe I would blog about books or movies I’ve watched recently. I love having an excuse to just come home and just watch a lot of movies because, in my defense, it’d be research!"

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And what are some of your favorites?

"Probably Almost Famous, The Goonies, The Fifth Element."

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Would you say you're similar to your character Gabi at all?

"I think with any character you play it’s smart to find similarities. We connect on our age, our drive to succeed and [the fact that] she’s a very strong girl and doesn’t take no for an answer. She knows what she wants and really goes for it. I think that’s where we connect the most."

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How are you different?

"She’s a little all over the place. She takes a lot more risks than I do, which is something I think everyone should learn how to do. She definitely lives in the moment more so than any of the other characters on the show. All she wants is to succeed. She’s a people person and I think that’s something I can learn to be more like."

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Did you have any embarrassing moments on set?

"We had a very good time on set every day. I embarrassed myself daily because that’s what acting is – making a fool of yourself. My rationale for what’s embarrassing to me is off because I don’t see it like that. If we’re making a fool of ourselves daily then we’re doing a good job."

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How was it having Ashley Tisdale as an executive producer?

"Ashley was very much behind-the-scenes. We’d see her for table reads and run throughs and show nights, but she works on the production side of things. When we work daily it’s a very small cast and crew on set – very small for rehearsal. I like that because when you’re trying to figure something out for a character it makes you more comfortable."

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You recently posted a picture with Corbin Bleu. Do you keep in touch with any of your Disney co-stars from back in the day?

"More or less! You make friends when you work and sometimes you run into them again. I haven’t had a single negative experience with anyone I worked with from Hannah Montana so when we see each other it’s sort of out of the blue and lovely. I hadn’t seen Corbin in a long time and it was really cool to see him again."

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What was it like to be back on set with Jesse McCartney who you knew from your Hannah Montana Days?

"I wouldn’t say I knew him from back in the HM days. He was a guest star for I think an episode or two and it was such a hectic episode I think I exchanged three words with him. So when we sat down at the table read it was like, ‘Wait a minute. Have we worked together before?’ I knew who he was and he knew who I was but we had forgotten we worked together in the past. We had this moment of ‘wait a minute – we definitely know each other!’ He’s been a dream to have. He’s a lovely person. He’s very funny and this is something he really wants to peruse. We were taken aback by how well he fit in with the group."

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Now that you’re part of the ABC Family family, are there any shows on the network you’ve gotten really into?

"I love ABC Family! I’m excited to meet the casts of other shows on the channel and get to know each other. I’m not an avid TV watcher so when I joined the channel I got to sit down and be like, 'oh, this is a cool show' and [understand] the channel a little better. I’m excited to do that more as the show progresses."

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Everything You Need to Know About Emily’s New TV Gig

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