You Won’t Believe the Reason Emma Watson’s Under Investigation

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As unbelievable as it may seem, the good girl known as Emma Watson is under investigation, and for a pretty bizarre reason if we do say so ourselves. While her character in The Bling Ring faced legal action for robbing the homes of celebrities, the 24-year-old actress may be on the receiving end of major fines because of keeping someone in her home.

According to the Independent, the Harry Potter star may have illegally employed her American housekeeper to work in her $3.5 million London house. She allegedly brought her maid overseas on a tourist visa, which prohibits any foreign citizen from working in the U.K.

If everything mentioned is true, the recent college graduate could face up to $17,000 in fines. Granted, she could definitely afford to foot the bill millions of times over, we're sure it's still a bummer for the former child star.

Emma Watson really is (or, well, was) just a normal college kid…

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    Emma, Ur awsome the way u r.

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    I think emma stay the way that she is we need stars that don’t want to get into all that drug stuff it ruins them. definetly celebrate ur graduation u deserve it!!!!