10 Celebrities Who Demi Lovato Unfollowed on Twitter

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When Demi Lovato unfollowed Selena Gomez yesterday, Delena fans were in shambles. But, it turns out this was far from the first time Demi unfollowed someone on Twitter. And all those who know Twitter know that an unfollow is a HUGE deal and totalllllly means you’re not friends anymore. It’s sarcasm, people.

But whether Demi simply doesn’t see the big deal in hitting the unfollow button every now and then, or really just likes to keep her following list on lock, the fact of the matter is that she’s definitely unfollowed more of her ‘friends’ than most people.

Click through the gallery below to see all the celebs who unfortunately landed themselves off of Dem’s Twitter page:

Justin Bieber

Back when Demi was still friends with Sel, she unfollowed JB in support of her BFF.

Photo: WENN

Miley Cyrus

MiCy used to be one of Demi's best friends, but people knew the friendship was no more when DL unfollowed Miley in March and mocked her twerking.

Photo: WENN

Selena Gomez

The latest victim of Demi's unfollowing is Selena Gomez, who was once DL's BFF since they were seven.

Photo: WENN

Camp Rock Cast

After Demi deleted her Twitter in 2010, she never re-followed her Camp Rock pals.

Photo: Disney

Joe Jonas

When Joe and Demi broke up, it wasn't surprising that she unfollowed her ex. But even though she didn't follow for a while after the split, the two are pals now and Joe the re-follow.

Photo: WENN

Lady Gaga

When Gaga mocked bulimia onstage, Demi was outraged and unfollowed the singer.

Photo: WENN

Sarah Wisely

Sarah is a regular girl who Demi befriended at the start of her career. Although Sarah still follows and supports Demi, she longer reciprocates.

Photo: Getty

Kevin Jonas

Unlike his brother Joe, Kevin never got a re-follow from Demi.

Photo: WENN

Perez Hilton

Demi unfollowed the blogger back in 2012 when he tweeted that Zayn was leaving 1D.

Photo: WENN

Trace Cyrus

Demi went from tweeting Trace lovey-dovey messages to unfollowing him. But, hey -- breakups will do that to ya!

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    so youre literally basing this all on the fact that she unfollowed them?! haha wow. this is what journalism has come to