10 Awesome Fake Movie Inventions We Wish Were Real

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Y’ALL! You know Cher Horowitz’s virtual closet from Clueless? Well it’s REAL! I know there are closet apps and all that jazz, but this is really the exact invention we’ve been pining for since 1995. An online fitting company called Metail created this wonderful masterpiece where you can create a “MeModel” using your own measurements and try clothes on virtually. I’m buggin’ out! They’re even having an online contest called #ShareYourCher! I’m obsessed.

This got me thinking about other fake inventions from movies that I wish I had. There are a few cool movie inventions that do exist, like the sneakers from Back to the Future. There is also apparently a real invisibility cloak. But there are a lot of inventions that exist in movies that don’t exist IRL. And I want them all. Check out these ten inventions we wish were real:

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