10 Things You Could Feel When You Meet Your Best Friends’ Other Friends

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There’s nothing like having a best friend all to yourself. Sure, there are many people in your lives, but when it comes to besties, who else matters? That is, until your BFF gets her own friends. Whether it’s because the two of you have separated for the summer, or one or both of you have gone away to college, it happens. And here are ten things you could feel when you meet ’em for yourself:

1. Nervous. “I hope they like me.”

2. Judgmental. Well, duh.

Blogspot (modernmagnolias)

Blogspot (modernmagnolias)

3. Curious. “Hmm, I have to find out what my friend likes about them so much.”

Tumblr (momsenrph)

Tumblr (momsenrph)

4. Relieved. “Phew, now I know she’s in good hands when I’m not around.”

5. Bonded4L. “Now we can all hang out!”

6. Uncomfortable. “It’s okay, you guys talk about your inside jokes and people I don’t know about, while I just sit on the side and laugh like I understand.”

7. Inferior. “These people are WAY cooler than I can ever be.”

8. Protective. “What is she doing hanging out with such losers?”

9. Sneaky. “Hmm, how can I make her see how much these people suck?”

10. Territorial. “I was here first, so DIBS.”

Tumblr (gif-database)

Tumblr (gif-database)

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