EXCLUSIVE: Ross Lynch Talks New R5 Music, Upcoming Austin & Ally and Laura Marano Dating Rumors

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If you’re still thinking about our interview with R5 from two weeks ago, you better make some room in your brains, ’cause we’re at it again! The band’s EP “Heart Made Up On You” is out now, and to celebrate we were lucky enough to chat with none other than Ross Lynch! And seeing as Ross one of the busiest guys in Hollywood, we didn’t hold anything back.

Ross is currently filming Teen Beach Movie 2, working on the final details of R5’s next full-length album (keep reading for a never-before-heard song title from it!) and gearing up to go on tour with the band starting in September. And speaking of tour, all fans can currently enter Office Depot’s Get INSPIR5D sweepstakes to win a VIP experience with the group! OMG! But, as usual, no matter how busy Ross gets he’s always the nicest guy ever!

Click through the gallery below to read our full convo with RL, including info about upcoming Austin & Ally storylines, how he and Laura Marano really handle those dating rumors and tons more!

Congrats on the EP! What’s the story behind “Heart Made Up On You?”

"It's about those times in those relationships where you know they're not necessarily good for your mental health but you don't really care. Your heart's just so involved at this point. I know Riker's had a lot of those. We're really proud of this song and we hope it does big things."

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And the full-length album is coming out pretty soon, too! Which songs that aren't on the EP are you most excited for fans to hear?

"There's a song called 'Smile' that I'm really excited about. It's a cool song. The whole band is into old school rock 'n roll and we're heavily influenced by The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, so this song brings a little of that Beatles-drive. So that's one of the reasons we really like it."

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Did you guys have a hand in writing any of the music on the album?

"We try to do it as much as possible! Part of the frustration is the lack of time. Especially with me because of Austin & Ally and Teen Beach Movie and touring, it's hard to get in the studio and write all the songs. It's one of my favorite things. I love writing. I have thousands of songs on my computer just waiting to be played."

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What's the most personal song that you've ever written?

"There's this one song on my computer [that's] kind of about the politics about a business and the entertainment industry, because I deal with that so much. It's a personal song to me. It probably won't be played any time soon unless I release it on SoundCloud or something, but I think R5 might play it someday."

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You’re going on tour soon! What are some must-have items for when you’re on the road?

"I always have a guitar and my computer. Honestly all we have on the road are musical instruments. And that's all I need really. That and underwear."

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So does that mean you guys jam out when you're on the bus and stuff?

"Oh yeah! All the time. Especially during sound check. Sound check is the perfect time to experiment with sounds. First of all I make my guitar sound good for the room but after all that's done, someone will start a groove and we'll all simultaneously jump on and start playing it. I love sound check! It's one of my favorite parts of tour because it's an experiment."

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What do you hope to see happen on Austin & Ally season four?

"I hope Austin and Ally can establish a solid relationship that's consistent, because that's the name of the game right now. They become boyfriend and girlfriend and then they break up. And then it happens again. I think it'd be fun if they actually had a good relationship for a while."

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A lot of people hope that'll happen to 'Raura' in real life, too. What do you and Laura think of all your shippers?

"You just laugh about it! Me and Laura are super close friends and everyone on the set will tease us like, 'ohh Raura's on set!' So it just becomes a joke. It's never awkward with me! Laura tends to get a little awkward sometimes, but that's okay -- it's cute. It's funny."

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What's your favorite guilty pleasure song to sing in the shower?

I think 'Ain't It Fun' by Paramore because a girl sings it. I like that song a lot! I don't really have a guilty pleasure song! Maybe 'Wrecking Ball,' actually!"

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How's shooting Teen Beach Movie 2 going?! What do you think is going to make this one better than the first?

"I think with any sequel, when it's a continuation off a successful first movie, there's always hype around it and people are going to watch it because of that. But I also think they're going to like [this movie] because it's a tad bit more modern, so people can relate to it more and that's always nice. And of course you get to see all the old characters!"

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Fan question from @Ondhat_smiley: What was your favorite episode from A&A season three?

'Real Life & Reel Life' -- the episode where we all got to play different characters. That was really fun. That was definitely my favorite episode."

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Whats one of the best memories you've had from set?

"There's so many! It comes to a point where I can't even remember them all. But one of the funny moments from 'Real Life & Reel Life' is when we were all dressed up as pirates, and for some reason we just didn't get out of character and we stayed as pirates! We were doing that whole circle dance where you hold arms and dance and it was so fun."

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Fan question from @WeAdoreRaura: If Ross was stranded on a deserted island, which one of his A&A cast members would be the best company?

"I think Calum [Worthy] would do the best because Laura is a germaphobe and Raini [Rodriquez] is very much of a family girl, so I think she'd miss her family too much. Calum is just a wild man!"

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Fan question from ‏@r5bostongirl: Best album to jam in your car to?

"At the moment it's J. Roddy Walston & The Business."

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And finally, what makes this upcoming album something fans will really love?

"I think this album is a good growth for R5 and we're really excited about the music. Everyone believes in it and it comes across through the music. I'm really proud of this record and I think we have a lot of strong songs. I don't think there is another record like it."

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