EXCLUSIVE: 10 Things You Must Know About Vine Stars, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson!

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Most 18-year-old boys are busy playing video games and figuring out how often you really need to wash your jeans. But for Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, aka Jack and Jack on Vine, being normal teenagers is easier said than done.

The Internet superstars have over 4 million followers on the video app and are about to hit the road on this year’s DigiTour, a nationwide celebration of online icons. Think about it — more than 4 million people are ob-sessed with J&J’s six-second funny videos. INSANITY!

We recently chatted with the guys to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on becoming Vine famous, as well as took a peek into their crew of other Internet sensations. Click through the gallery below to read our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jack and Jack and be sure to catch ’em this summer when the DigiTour stops by your area!

Becoming successful on Vine is something not many people can say they did. How did you get started on the app?

Jack Gilinsky: "We started creating Vines about a year ago. We had done YouTube videos when we were younger but stopped when we got to middle school. We’ve always had a connection when it comes to our sense of humor and love making people laugh. Jack [Johnson] had the Vine app on his phone first, but didn’t really do much on it. Then one day we posted a Vine together and then decided to make it a joint account. We started getting likes and follows from our friends and then their cousins from out of town started following. Before we knew it, we had 1,000 followers. It occurred to us that this wasn’t just luck. People liked what we were posting and we were making people laugh. We became really motivated, and by the end of the summer we had about 10,000 followers. Then we posted the “Nerd Vandals” Vine. This was our break out Vine and suddenly we had 100,000 followers."

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What would you say makes for the perfect Vine?

"You really have to think about how you are going to tell the story, joke, etc. in 6 ½ seconds. It’s not easy so planning is key. Having a good punch/climax at the end is also important [in order] to leave them laughing."

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Your Vines are hilarious! Where do you get inspiration for your videos?

"Sometimes it’s pranks, sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s skits that we spend time planning. Mostly, we get our inspiration from everyday observations on life. It’s also fun featuring music we like, and the editing definitely sets us apart. The best part is having each other to bounce off ideas and make our Vine the best they can be. Another inspiration for us is when fans write and tell us how they look forward to watching for their daily laugh. Some of these stories come from fans who are sick and in the hospital and really need a laugh. Some come from fans who are getting bullied at school, or are just not having the best middle school/high school experience with friends."

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What’s been the most mind-blowing moment for you guys during your rise to fame?

"There were two moments that stand out. [One] was at a restaurant in Fort Worth last November. We were met by 400 screaming fans. It was crazy. They just screamed. We just looked at each other and cracked up. It was awesome. Also, when 'Paradise' rose to the top of the iTunes hip-hop charts, we realized that a music career was possible."

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It seems that you’re friends with a lot of other video-creators. What’s the funniest thing that has happened during a hang session?

"It's really fun when we are all in Los Angeles and get together. We do things everybody does. We just have a blast. We play FIFA, pick-up games of basketball and soccer and we love it when some of our friends come to the studio."

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Which other Viners/YouTubers are you obsessed with?

"Jimmy Tatro (YouTube), Nicholas Megalis (Vine), Jerry Purpdrink (Vine), and King Bach (Vine)."

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In addition to being hilarious, you guys are also great musicians. Who’s your dream collab?

Jack G: "Bob Marley"

Jack J: "Drake"

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What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Jack G: '"Living On A Prayer'"

Jack J: "'Sweet Home Alabama'"

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You’re about to head out on tour, so what are some things you are definitely going to bring with you?

Jack G: "My pillow, my pillow pet, my laptop, my favorite sweat shorts, and my Netflix password so I can finish Breaking Bad."

Jack J: "My laptop, my lucky boxers, and my headphones."

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Current celeb crushes?

Jack G: Jessica Alba

Jack J: Lana Del Rey

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