15 Struggles Only Brunette Girls Will Completely Understand

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The struggle is real for all brunette girls…

1. ARMS. Even if your blonde friends have seriously hairy arms, you can’t even tell! Jealous.

Tumblr (zombiexfreeek)

Tumblr (zombiexfreeek)

2. Shaving. Lighter-haired girls can probably get away with not shaving for a couple days, but heaven forbid you miss a few measly hours!

3. Bright colors don’t show up as nicely. To get a truly neon color, you gotta kill bleach your hair first. Yikes.

Tumblr (katypacks)

Tumblr (katypacks)

4. And forget maintenance. There’s no stopping those dark roots.

5. “Umm… where’d my bobby pin go?” They’re constantly getting lost, considering they’re basically the same exact color as your tresses.

6. So. Freaking. Hot! And not the good kind of hot. Since dark colors absorb the sun’s rays, it leads to MAJOR overheating.

7. Forever Wednesday Addams. If you have light skin and dark hair, it’s just Pale City; Population: YOU.

8. “Oh hey, you got some snow in your hair.” Nope, just a little dandruff. Which you wouldn’t be able to see had you been born with lighter locks, but whateverrr.

9. #oldladyproblems. Those greys are gonna show up a heck of a lot earlier in your life. Sorry, girls.

10. SHEDDING. We shed just as much as anyone else, but it’s so much freaking easier to see. Especially on white floors. Grr.

11. We’re always seen as the smart, nerdy ones. Meanwhile, the blondes are always the popular chicks. Just look at all your favorite movies!

Tumblr (hectorspearl)

Tumblr (hectorspearl)

12. Hairlines are more noticeable. Can’t hide them baby hairs or sideburns.

13. You’re always defending your color. “Your hair’s black.”

14. Braids don’t look as cool. The contrast is just so much better with lighter hair.

Tumblr (r-h-macumblr)

Tumblr (r-h-macumblr)

15. “Blondes have more fun!” Kgreatthx.

Wikia (Degrassi)

Wikia (Degrassi)

15 Struggles Only Curly-Haired People Understand

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  • Luna

    okay the bobby pin thing is a MAJOR plus. I have bright blonde peekaboo highlights (ala Cassadee Pope in her Hey Monday days) and while I can pin stuff and no one notice in the rest of my hair when it’s up those bobby pins stand out way bad and they don’t make blonde bobby pins, I feel for you natch blondes it’s got to suck not being able to really hide that you’ve had to pin your hair up

    • Luna

      this is pretty much what happens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98hO26ztVIU my streaks are a bit thicker though but you get the gist big blonde stripe that if you have to clip or pin looks supper obvious (she doesn’t though) and the top a well disguised clip(bobby pins are better at being well disguised but clips stay better) because it’s the same color doesn’t happen with blonde unforch

  • isabell

    oh my god yes yes yes yes i can so relate to everything

  • Ananya

    What’s wrong with being seen as smart? I would rather we promoted girls to retain their smarts rather than dumb down to get boys to like them (which is what always happens) than teach them to be ‘popular’ and stupid.

  • Julie


    • Kaitlin Cubria

      No, not at all! We all have our struggles — the positives are coming next!