EXCLUSIVE: We Got the Cast of If I Stay to Talk About Young Love

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Today’s the day, guys — If I Stay is now in theaters! Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned a lot from the film’s stars, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley, and at the NYC fan screening of the tearjerker, we got to learn EVEN MORE. From author Gayle Forman, too!

From young love to deleted scenes to favorite emojis, here are ten more things we learned exclusively from the cast of If I Stay:

There was practically no time for the on-screen couple to get to know each other before filming.

Jamie says, "We didn't actually spend that much time together before we shot. Just throughout the process we tried to keep it as fun and light as possible, so, in a way, that kind of tricks people into thinking, 'Oh, they're good friends,' so that worked in our favor."

Photo: Warner Bros.

They both believe it's possible to find life-long love at a young age.

"Yeah, I think that people are silly to say you can't find the love of your life at a young age. I think that there's no age limit on love. I think that there [are] multiple loves in your life. I don't think that there's ONE ONLY love. I think that every love is significant to each other. I think that some loves can be, for some reason or another, either cosmically or energy-wise... there's some reason they align a bit more and it's a bit more palpable than the other ones. So I think we’d be silly to try and put a cap on emotions because young people feel, if anything, more raw, less guarded emotions than adults."—Chloe

"Oh my god, yeah, of course, yeah. I don’t think you can choose when you're gonna fall in love with someone. I think everyone finds it at a different age; there's no way of predicting that."—Jamie

Photo: Warner Bros.

There's a deleted scene you need to look out for on the DVD.

"Honestly, there was one scene... There was a scene in the book where Liana [Liberato]'s character, Kim, says bye to me in the chapel and it just cinematically... We filmed it, and it was so good, she's amazing and she's one of my good friends, and we filmed it and she was brilliant, but then when we watched the movie, it was like seven endings; you know, it was like seven people saying goodbye all individually. Cinematically, we just didn't have the time; the audience didn't have the heart to watch me die over and over in a sense, or see me possibly die over and over again."

Photo: Warner Bros.

In case you were wondering how Chloe picks and chooses her roles...

"What draws me to the next project is whether or not I love the character, whether or not I love the story. It doesn't even really base on genre, it doesn't base on director, it doesn't base on writer; it literally bases off of do I love the story, do I love who this character is, can I not go to bed without thinking, 'I have to play her,' is kind of how it goes."

Photo: Lionsgate

What's more intimidating: writing words for people to read in a book or watching one's work translate to the big screen?

According to Gayle Forman, "When you're writing your words for yourself... I was alone at a desk in the corner of my family's living room; it's very much a vacuum, so you don't think about anybody else until much later. This part, like, now I’m just excited. I really love the film, and I know there are readers who've been wanting it for so long, so now I'm excited because they’'re getting what they wanted and they're getting it the way they want it."

Photo: WENN

Will there be a follow-up novel after Where She Went?

Sorry, folks, Gayle says, "No third book! No! I never intended to write a second book, I wrote it because the characters were just waking me up in the middle of the night, they didn't like the way I'd left them. They're happy now. They're good."

Photo: Dutton Penguin

Jamie loves his family, like, a lot.

Not only was he rockin' an 18th birthday present from his grandmother at the event, but he was also wearing a bunch of bling that used to belong to her, too. Basically, he was "repping" her through and through. Love.

Photo: Teen.com

And, because we're suckers for a good emoji pic...

Jamie says he doesn't use them because he finds them to be "such a hassle." If anything, he's okay with a simple smiley face.

Chloe, though, revealed hers, and we LOVE her impersonation. Can you guess which one it is? Okay, we'll just tell you — the poop face!

Photo: Teen.com

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