4 Shocking Theories That’ll Change the Way You Look At Sleeping Beauty

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It’s been 55 years since Disney introduced its audience to Sleeping Beauty; it’s been even longer since the OG Sola, Luna e Talia story, which the classic’s based off of, was released for the first time. Nevertheless, the fairy tale has received major praise in 2014, mainly due to the untold POV of its villainess, Maleficent, in the movie of the same name. (Thanks, Angelina Jolie!)

As great as a tale as it is, there are plenty of fan theories that’ll change the way you look at the story. Here are the four that we found to be most interesting:

1. Aurora’s prince also stole the hearts of Snow White and The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel. It’s easy to tell the differences in the Disney editions of the stories, considering the princes’ different appearances and names (Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty, Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid and Prince… uhh, well we know know in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but he def has a different look). But in the Japanese Great Fantasy Stories of the World picture books, their looks are identical, leading many overseas to suspect that it’s the same guy. Interesting…



2. Sleeping Beauty is actually based on a story about rape. In Basile’s Sola, Luna e Talia, which Sleeping Beauty‘s based off of, “the king didn’t wake Talia with a kiss. Get this, he raped her whilst she was asleep. Whilst still [was] sleeping, she also gave birth to two children, which I find odd. Apparently, one of the children mistook her finger for a nipple and suckled on it, thus removing the flax splinter and waking her up.”—The Curious Panther

Tumblr (dattch-app)

Tumblr (dattch-app)

3. Sleeping Beauty is related to Batman? The princess’ name, Aurora, means “dawn.” Theorists believe the name is “important to the occult with the symbolism behind the Aurora, Colorado Batman shootings. The dawn is symbolic of the original tale in that we see more worship of the sun and moon, which is what all of these ancient cultures held as deities and arguably the secret societies and elite Illuminati types continue to worship.”—Illuminati Watcher

4. The film is a 30-year foreshadow of The Little Mermaid. Do you see it?

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  • Eli

    Finally Teen you’re doing better but you guys are trying too hard to find something wrong in everything, its a movie!

    • Kaitlin Cubria

      It’s not US trying — these are FAN theories!