Dylan O’Brien Talks ‘The Maze Runner’ and NOT Crushing on Chloe Moretz

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You fell for his boyish charm as Stiles on Teen Wolf, but there’s a whole new side to Dylan O’Brien you’ll go absolutely gaga for come September 19. Courtesy of our friends over at 20th Century Fox, we had the opportunity to head to the set of The Maze Runner for Day 40 of the schedule (just a little over a week prior to the last film day) in New Orleans during shooting in summer 2013, where we chatted up the young star.

As the main character in the book-to-movie adaptation of James Dashner‘s series, Dylan gushed about snagging the role of a lifetime. But he doesn’t only spill on the flick. No no, we also got him to open up about his co-stars and his celebrity crush (at the time). Read on for all the deets!

First off, did you read the book prior to snagging the role of Thomas?

"I tried reading the book as we were about to go into production. I got halfway through and I stopped because we've changed a lot — we've changed so much from the script to the book that it confused me a little, like, when we just about to go shooting, so I plan on reading the trilogy after we finish. It will be much easier."

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So when you first read the script, did you see yourself as Thomas in an 'I've gotta have this role' sort of way?

"No, I keep thinking about it — it's funny because I actually didn't at first. I didn't think I was right for it mainly because I didn't get called back at first for, like, a month and a half, so I must've not been right for it. But now that we’re shooting it and we've been in production all this time, I can’t believe I wasn't going crazy for not getting the callback because it’s [the kind of] role I've always wanted to play."

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Thomas is kind of like the good-intentioned rebel. Are you similar?

"I've always been the same way. I have different ways of thinking. I'm not shy about them either. And that could sometimes strike people in a certain way. Like, just because you're adamant about what you believe in, but I've always been that way and that’s something that's really primal in Thomas as well, so I think that’s why I can play it, or relate to it and understand him."

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What's the atmosphere been like on set? Seems really goofy...

"Yeah, it is goofy. It's really fun because a lot of us are really goofy. It's really cool because [instant bonding] doesn't happen a lot. But I like to be goofy. What's cool is everyone has a goofy side and a serious side. It's really awesome. So when it comes down to it and we roll, everyone's in it and especially committed to what we're doing. Like, we're all so into restoring the movie and we wanna make it awesome, but also we like having a good time and joking around. It's fun."

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Have you been shooting the movie in sequence?

"It's so funny that you say that because, today of all days, we're bouncing so far back. This is the most back-and-forth day that I literally have to get — because I have to get dirtier and dirtier throughout the movie — so I keep on having to go from dirty, clean, dirty, clean. 'cause we're just going back and forth with all of these different sections of the movie. I think originally we were suppose to try to shoot somewhat in sequence, and then the first week we had rain, and that changes things throughout the whole schedule."

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Is there a scene left to film the you're excited to see come to life?

"Yeah, the final science lab scene where we all come to the lab and find the scientists and watch the video. And then Gally comes and ****ing kills Chuck. I've been waiting a long time for that scene. I've been expecting it every week, and then I finally looked at the advanced schedule, which I never look at, I just kind of take it week by week, and I finally realized that it's literally the last day of shooting, so I was like, 'Oh okay. We'll get to that eventually.'" *laughs*

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Out of all the jobs in the series, which one do you think you'd be chosen for?

"Runner, for sure. I think. Just because I don’t think I’d be good at anything else except for sprinting."

Well, Slopper's kind of for those who aren't good at anything else...

"Oh, you see, I'm too squeamish for that. I couldn't handle the animals. I couldn't chop a chickens head off every day. I couldn't work the fields... I don't know, I could probably work the fields. Probably wouldn't be good at building stuff. I'd be good at running, for sure. So it works!"

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In an interview, you took back your statement saying you had a crush on Chloe Moretz. It's even been made into a GIF! So who are your crushing on now?

"It's funny, you say one thing in an interview and it never goes away. That's the one thing I've learned. Emma Stone is awesome. Umm, crush right now... Jennifer Lawrence! She's the coolest."

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Stay tuned for more on-set interviews and exclusives with the cast on Teen.com! The Maze Runner is tapped for theaters September 19. Is it on your must-see list? Spill in the comments below, Shuckfaces!

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