EXCLUSIVE: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Fosters‘ Bianca Santos

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You may know her as Lexi Rivera on The Fosters, but you’re about to see way more of Bianca Santos in the months to come. Not only is she tapped to star in The D.U.F.F. with Bella Thorne, Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell, as well as in the upcoming Universal Studios thriller/Michael Bay-produced film Ouija (yes, based on the board game), but she’s also the lead on new MTV comedy series Happyland.

So, before you see her light up your screens, big and small, get to know more about Bianca Santos on this fine Woman Crush Wednesday:

She's multi-lingual.

Besides English, she's fluent in two additional languages: Spanish and Portuguese.

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

Her Achilles' heel:

"I'm very ticklish and I will snort if you tickle me."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

She didn't grow up with your typical animals.

"I once had a baby duck as a pet. Her name was Fluffy."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

You probably share her pet peeve.

"My pet peeve is people talking with food in their mouth."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

Bet you'll share the same fear as her after you read this:

"I once 100% believed toilet water was poisonous. It's a scary thought when you think it through."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

Her life goals are definitely... interesting.

"One day, later in life I hope to achieve the goal of being a Cher impersonator. And do a shampoo commercial."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

She gets very anxious over one thing in particular.

"Reading the time off of mechanical clocks gives me anxiety and therefore I will never wear a watch."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

Say hello to adrenaline.

"I'm going sky-diving in a couple of weeks. I'm scared out of my mind, but doing it with my best friend."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

Unlike most kids, she actually enjoys mathematics.

"I love math, so I'm always the one who handles splitting the bill when I go out to dinner with my friends."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

We should all take on her bestie traditions.

"My three best-friends and I hold a yearly Christmas party. Our last one included matching monkey footie pajamas and Dreidel decorating."

Photo: Instagram (@biancaalexasantos)

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