4 Pretty Little Liars ‘A’ Theories That Are So Crazy They Might Be True

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ABC Family

ABC Family

Umm… did you freaking SEE the #FatalFinale of Pretty Little Liars? ’cause it was nice and MORBID. Seriously, that ending! (SPOILER ALERT: Mona’s dead. Like, dead dead. We saw her purple body in the trunk of a car. She’s done.) Meanwhile, there’s at least one ‘A’ still at large. While there’s been plenty of evidence to suggest that pretty much everyone from Toby to Ezra to now Alison herself is leading the charge, these fan theories suggest something even crazier: ‘A’ is one of the main four Little Liars!

Yes, Aria, Emily, Hanna AND Spencer have all been accused of being the most infamous letter around by fans across the world. Here, these clues might help further your suspicions. Oh, and if you want more evidence, click on the links below!

Aria is ‘A’! CLUE: The texts did not start until the day Aria got back from Iceland. Why would ‘A’ wait so long? Almost a full year. And what was the first text they all got from ‘A’? Something like “I’m back bitches. -A”

Emily is ‘A’! CLUE: Emily and ‘A’ seem to be real buddy–buddy. I’ve mentioned before how her texts are friendlier or more helpful. When Emily was focused on Ian’s suicide note, ‘A’ sent her a text saying, “Em is it just me? Or does that suicide note look familiar?” That is either just another example of how ‘A’ likes to help out Emily or a way of saying, ‘I know what you did.’ After all, she pieced together that puzzle really fast.

Hanna is ‘A’! CLUE: Out of all the liars, Hanna wanted to BE Alison. That may have been reason enough for her to kill her. Hanna was bullied by her a lot and tortured herself because of advice from Ali (bulimia). I just find it a little strange that when Ali disappeared, all the girls stopped talking, and Hanna (with Mona) became the new queen of Rosewood High. I feel if my friend disappeared, I would not instantly try and take her place because I would be hoping she would come back. The fact that the girls all went their separate ways after the night of Ali’s disappearance is proof alone that at least one of them knows (or did) something. That person could be Hanna.

Spencer is ‘A’! CLUE: It’s been a long time since the pilot episode flashback that shows the Liars the night of Ali’s disappearance, so let us refresh your memory. The Liars were all sleeping over at the Hastings. Aria wakes up in the middle of the night to find Spencer and Ali gone. Spencer comes back; Ali doesn’t. Technically, Spencer doesn’t have a [conscious] alibi for the night of Ali’s murder.

WordPress (Sarah Marieh)

WordPress (Sarah Marieh)

Did you catch the #FataleFinale of Pretty Little Liars? If not, here’s the full recap.

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  • Beth

    The first group text, isn’t “I’m back”, it’s “I’m still here bitches, and I know everything -A”

  • AisForAnonymous

    “I’m back b******.” -A

  • mia

    i think its all of them but spencer

  • TherMustBeSomeTruthToThis

    Hanna could be A. The flashback of the ghost girl could be Ashley remembering the first day she took in Hanna. Maybe they got divorced because Ashley could never give her husband a child of his own. She felt bad for the little girl and called her mom (Mrs. D) who was cold towards her and wanting to send her back to the sanitarium. Ashley probably made a deal with Mrs. D to keep it all hush hush. But you would think Ali would recognize her since they were sisters. I’m trying to figure out how Ali could possibly not recognize her own sister. Maybe they looked alike when they were very young but as they got older they began to form different body shapes. Twins doesn’t automatically mean identical. Hannah probably found out since she is secretly smart and resented her now mother Ashley, the reason soo many terrible things happen to Hanna’s mom.. Makes sense???????????? I want to know what others think. I believe HANNA should have an H at the end which makes her name symmetrical (which I’m sure has a meaning or something to do with the mirrors all over). The last episode Mona is buried with an angel, is that because Hanna did love her but had to get rid of her? Mona looked surprised maybe because she found out A was Hanna. We know spencer was arrested, Aria was with Ezra, but Hanna and Emily were unaccounted for. Hanna plays dumb like she doesn’t know how to say S.A.T. Wouldn’t a smartie know that? So many clues point to Aria but maybe that was done on purpose. Lucas could also be Ali’s twin, maybe he really is a hermaphrodite. I’m becoming convinced, he also has an eye for fashion and is never seen with any females in a relationship. He would also bury Mona with an angel because he was friends with her.

  • jasmine

    wat the hell its aria bitchs

    • AisForAnonymous

      I hope “A” is none of them, but if it has to be someone I hope it’s Aria. I hope it’s not Spencer because she one of my faves.