12 Things We Learned About The Maze Runner from Thomas Brodie-Sangster

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We can’t stop talking about The Maze Runner! Though we’ve already given you the juicy details about the upcoming James Dashner book-turned-movie from the stars themselves, Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Blake Cooper, we wanna give you one more because, well, WHY NOT?! This time around, we interviewed Thomas Brodie-Sangster a.k.a. Newt.

In our exclusive Q&A, the 24-year-old Brit, who you probably know from Game of Thrones or, at the very least, as the little boy in Love Actually (AWW!!!), dished on all the things you want to know about the film, including the bromances, TMR‘s Hunger Games comparisons and what’s going down with the sequel:

Congrats on The Maze Runner! How did you snag the role of Newt?

"I heard about it through my agent. They sent me the scripts, and I read it and really liked the premise of it. I like the way that it was about a bunch of boys put together... To survive, they had to unite and come together and support one another and I liked that a lot about it, and then I just put myself down on tape. I originally went down for Newt and for Gally. Will, who plays Gally, he also went for Newt and for Gally. Then I didn't hear back for... two or three months? I just believed that I hadn't got it, and suddenly they called me up and said, 'You got it,' and that was it."

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Did you get a chance to read the book(s) beforehand?

"No, not at all actually. It was one of those ones where, like, they said, 'Come through,' and they want you to read the scene as soon as possible. I just read the script and got myself down on tape."

"I bought the book online before we started shooting, and read a bit of it, and realized it was more helpful to just stick to the script seeing as that's what we are making. It got a little bit confusing because there are certain things that are different from the book to the film."

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If you had to choose one person from the cast to enter the maze with you, who would it be and why?

"Oh, I don't know... Dylan, he's actually very quick, he's actually a good runner, he groundbreaks fast, but then he'd just leave me behind. *laughs* Yeah, I'd go with Dylan; he's funny too.”

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If this was a real-life situation, do you think you would survive?

"Would I survive? I don’t know. I hope so."

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Out of all the jobs in the series, which one do you think you'd be chosen for?

"I think I’d be quite good at Builder, like designer, construction... I've always liked making things. I'm quite good with my hands. So I think I'd be quite good as designing new inventions."

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Clearly you got to know your castmates well from filming. Did you form any bromances? With who?

"Oh yeah, of course, everyone. It was a set full of boys, and we genuinely really like each other an awful lot, we got along very well, and respected one another as professionals as well."

"I like them all, I do. I mean, they're all very, very different people. We work really well as a group."

"It was a very relaxed atmosphere. It was very hot, and in that way it was quite stressful. There were a lot of snakes and spiders around, BUT what was great was that everyone was so relaxed and everyone was just having a good time and wanted to be there and got an awful lot into what they’re doing. So in between shots it was just a laugh; it was just fun, every minute."

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We heard you guys had to go through an intense boot camp. Can you describe it?

"There wasn't too much training really. I know the point is that we are normal kids put under extraordinary circumstances, so we didn't want to get hugely buff and fit. We didn't have to be the best runners. The boot camp was more of a bonding exercise that they wanted us to do. They got two marines who took us through hand-to-hand combat and stuff, survival training and look after wounded guys, making improvised stretches and tourniquets... to get used to our location and feel at home with this place where we're supposed to, and also get used to one another."

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We also just heard about the movie sequel! Any updates on that?

"Not really. I've been told that we go ahead at, like... the end of October? Something like that? I haven't seen a script or anything like that. I suppose it'd have to depend on how it does in the box office, the first one. But yeah, we'll get to make it."

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This is getting a lot of comparisons to The Hunger Games. What would you say to people that say it's 'just a copy' of the other dystopian series?

"Well, it's about a bunch of boys. The main that interested me about it is that it centers around these very, very normal guys... The situation that they're placed in is very out of the ordinary, and that's the set of the film. Stuck in the future, the crux of it, the main point of it are these grounded, realistic characters that you can relate to. It's the bonding of these guys that come together in order to survive, as opposed to compete against one another or go against one another at all. It's a very much united thing; there's an awful lot of love there. And there's no romance in it because you don't have to have romance in a film at all, which I found refreshing."

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If you could hear what Dylan was thinking, the way Teresa hears what Thomas thinks in the book, what do you think would most likely be on his mind?

"We'd probably try to think of the weirdest thoughts. Or be in a situation where we'd try to say the same thing at the same time."

Photo: Twitter (@SangsterThomas)

Have you kept in touch with your castmates much since filming?

"Yes, completely. We all have a group chat/texting thing, so we're always texting. Or when we're doing a bit of press and stuff, others will fly out to see us because we're getting together in NY or fly out to LA. Yeah, we're still very much in touch. It's really nice. We're friends for life."

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If you could relive any moment from your teen years, which one would you choose?

"Maybe the first time I got my motorbike at... 15 I think it was. I was very excited, I couldn't believe it was actually legal to drive that thing on the road. It was bright pink, you didn't really expect it, and I quite like that. It wasn't a Barbie pink, it was more like a salmon. It was like a little Vespa."

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The Maze Runner is tapped to hit theaters on September 19. Is it on your must-see list? What do you think of Thomas’ casting as Newt? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments!

8 Things We Learned from the Set of The Maze Runner

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