12 Secrets You Never Knew About Echosmith Until Rightthissecond

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Since we hung out with Echosmith last November, they’ve been named a VH1 You Oughta Know artist, appeared at the Video Music Awards annnnd have had their single “Cool Kids” play countless times on every hit radio station. Needless to say, they’re slowly but surely taking over the music scene!

And since it’s been almost a year since our last chat, we figured it was time for another! Click through the gallery below to find out 12 secrets you never knew about the band, straight from the Sierota siblings themselves!

They've been memed!

"An unknown fan made a meme account for the band and each member. It is the greatest thing on earth."

Photo: Echosmith

Sydney has an interesting hobby

"Sydney loves painting Emojis."

Photo: Echosmith

She's also very loyal to one restaurant

"Sydney is obsessed with shrimp tacos from Chipotle"

Photo: Chipotle

Noah actually isn't a bad speller

"He likes to replace 'Cs' and 'CKs' with 'Qs' for fun. He’s always keeping it light!"

Photo: Echosmith

Graham was on a cake!

"The only band member who has ever been featured on a cake is Graham."

Photo: Echosmith

And he's been playing drums since he was little!

"Graham started playing drums at age 4. He always snuck in the studio and made a lot of noise. In this photo he was in 3rd grade."

Photo: Echosmith

Jamie didn't always want to be a singer

"When Jamie was young he wanted to study primates for a living."

Photo: Universal

Their fave celeb they've ever met was:

"Al Roker for sure. We had met him at the Teen Choice Awards and then when we did the Today Show he was the one who introduced us."

Photo: Echosmith

They make photos interesting

"We like to draw over peoples’ faces in photographs."

Photo: Echosmith

They snack healthily while on tour

"Our “must-have” snack is snap peas on tour. It's really easy to eat junk food on tour but we do our best to eat better foods!"

Photo: Snapea Crisps

But sometimes they splurge

"Noah's favorite candy is Hi-Chews. He only likes the apple flavor and if ya didn't know his secret to keeping them really chewy is to put them in his back pocket and sit on them for 5-10 minutes. Lol!"

Photo: Hi-Chew

They often don't look like they're having fun at awards shows

"If you ever see us on a live award show on television, we might look confused. Lol. This was from the VMAs."

Photo: Echosmith

My Day. My Life. With Echosmith!

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