8 Lesser-Known Lily Collins Roles Just As Awesome As Clary Fray

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Even though Love, Rosie doesn’t have a US release (yet… please?!), we’re still all about it’s beautiful stars, Sam Claflin and, of course, Lily Collins. Which is why we’re basically dedicating the days leading up to the UK release to the two leads.

On Monday, we called out ten lesser-known Sam Claflin roles just as hot as his character from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Finnick Odair, because MAN CRUSH MONDAY, duh! Now, we’re giving a shout-out to eight lesser known Lily Collins roles just as awesome as her most-known character, The Mortal Instruments‘ Clary Fray, because WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY!

Phoebe, 90210

Okay, so maybe she's not as awesome as Clary (considering she's a rich, popular girl who got wasted and threw up at AnnaLynne McCord's character's house), but we love how well Lily played the part; her first part ever!

Photo: The CW

Collins, The Blind Side

Based on the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless teen who was taken into the home of a (football-)loving family, Lily portrays Michael's new sister. At first she's hesitant — he's a stranger, after all — but she learns to accept, and even love, the new addition to the fam, regardless of the negative chatter the kids at school spread around.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Lucy, Priest

She's kidnapped. By vampires. How very Mortal Instruments of her.

Photo: Screen Gems

Karen, Abduction

Once again portraying the popular girl, Lil holds her own opposite Taylor Lautner. Plus she has a killer fashion sense.

Photo: Lionsgate

Snow White, Mirror Mirror

Ah, a classic. Of course LC's character is just as awesome as Clary; she's not only a kick-butt heroine, once again — she's Snow White!

Photo: Relativity Media

Samantha, Stuck in Love

1. Nat Wolff's her brother, so that's cool. 2. She *SPOILER ALERT* ends up with Logan Lerman. 3. Greg Kinnear's her dad, and she sticks by him when her mom, played by Jennifer Connelly, leaves their family for another man. Need we go on?

Photo: Millennium Entertainment

Halle, The English Teacher

She's with Greg Kinnear again! Except this time, he's the father of her love interest. What we admire about Halle: her attitude.

Photo: Tribeca Film

Rosie, Love, Rosie

The classic tale of two best friends, a girl and a boy, separating for years, and finding their way back to each other. Sigh, we don't know Rosie (yet), but we're already in love with her story.

Photo: Constantin Film

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