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We’ve been kinda obsessed with Sabrina Carpenter from the second we first saw her as Maya on Disney’s Girl Meets World a few months back! Not only is she super talented on-screen in the acting world, but her vocal chops are INCREDIBLE, too! C’mon — have you heard “The Middle of Starting Over” yet? It’s a must-listen.

We recently had a nice, long chat with Sabrina, and we think it’s safe to say that we’re basically BFFs now! Not only did we chat about her upcoming album, GMW and hanging out with Daniel Radcliffe, but we also totes bonded over some mutual favorites: The Fault in Our Stars and Pretty Little Liars!

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The 'Middle of Starting Over' music video is super fun and cute! What was the concept behind it?

"The whole song is really just about taking in life’s mistakes and just finding fun ways to get through life. Even if you are starting over, even if you do have to try new things, just make the best of it and have fun with it. When we were making the video, we really wanted to have as much fun as we could and we really did. That whole day, all the stuff that you see in the video, some of it was planned and some of it was improved and most of it was just gosh darn crazy, it was so much fun.”

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And that song is on your EP, so will there be a full-length album coming out soon?

“Yes, there is! Very soon. I’ve been telling everybody about it. I’m very excited for them to hear it because it’s a lot of original material and then it’s a little bit of a different sound. After the EP, we started writing for the full length LP and it’s [about] me finding myself and my style...there’s a lot of that in this album."

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Where do you get your inspiration when you're writing songs?

“I get inspiration from literally everything and anything. I take inspiration from people, relationships, stories, and I take inspiration from movies I see, books I read and songs I hear. There are not limits to what you can write about, which is the best thing about [song writing]!”

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Who are some of your musical influences?

"“I have always looked up to Adele and Christina Aguilera as singers ever since I was very young and now my favorite male singer is Hozier. He’s new to the scene but he’s so brilliant. Oh my gosh, he’s amazing! I’m obsessed with him.”

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Is he your dream musical collaboration?

“This is hard because my answer can change, but if it was a girl I would probably say Adele, and if it was a guy I would say Hozier, hands down.”

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Can we talk about your cover of Alex & Sierra's 'Little Do You Know?' It's amazing! Why'd you choose to cover that song?

"I heard it a lot on Vine, actually! I love watching Vines. I watched them and I would always hear that and I was like, 'who is that by?' My sister told me. She's where I really get all of my music from [because] she’s the best at finding those hidden gems.”

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You seem to really like covering popular songs, because you're always posting them on Instagram! How do you pick the songs?

“Yeah, sometimes, I really want to post a cover [and] I need to find a song. Other times it’s like I hear a song and I’m like, 'Oh, I want to cover that! Let’s do it now.' It kind of depends. I feel like the more I work on different songs and the more I work on my voice constantly...I always feel better after I post a cover. Even if it’s doing the little 15 second covers, I’m working on my craft and it’s really good for me and I feel good after I do it."

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People were freaking out when they saw you wearing a TFiOS shirt in that cover!

"I'm a big fan of TFiOS! It’s my favorite book, so I am one of those girls. I saw it the day it came out in theaters. Actually I saw it with Rowan [Blanchard] and we were bawling! It was so sad."

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Since you read the book first, what scene do you think translated the best on the big screen?

“That’s hard! I gotta say when they were in Amsterdam, I kind of felt that from the book really come alive. I’m a personal fan of the book a little bit more than the movie, but I think these characters did such a good job of bringing the book to life.”

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What moment made you cry the most?

“I think I cried when they were in the church and they were doing Gus’ speeches. That was very sad. That’s when the first tear rolled.”

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When you first auditioned for Girl Meets World, were you aware of how big Boy Meets World was in the past?

“Honestly, I think throughout this whole thing, it has become an even bigger show [than before], just because so many people are remembering how great it was and they’re going back and watching it. I know for sure that when I first heard about it, I knew that it was going to blow up. Every single person dreams of [a reunion for] their favorite old TV show from when they were kids! I’ve always wanted a Full House reunion, so when you see stuff like this comes back, it's super exciting. When I heard that the original creators, producers and writers were going to be involved, I knew instantly that it would have the same realistic feel to it; just something magical about it. I was super excited.”

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We see that you and Rowan are BFFs off screen, too! How did you guys form such a close bond?

“We spent a lot of time together off set. After we filmed the pilot we had a while before we found out it was picked up, but we were friends throughout the whole thing. We like talking to each other, we like doing things with each other and the rest of the cast. We all genuinely like to hang out with each other!"

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Do you have a favorite on-set memory?

"There are SO many! I think the paint fight. Rowan and I had to do this scene where we threw paint at each other until we were drenched, and we only had one take. We were practicing by throwing paint at canvasses, but when it was time to film it got super nerve-racking because we only had one chance to get it right! That was so fun. I think we nailed it."

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What about pranks? Did any prank wars happen during filming?

"Yeah! Toward the end of the season Peyton [Meyer] and I had a prank war. I don’t even know how it started, but it was pretty devious. Then on Valentine’s Day we all glued hundreds of funny Valentine’s Day cards onto Ben [Savage’s] dressing room door and Rowan has tee-peed Ben’s room SO many times. She needs to think of a new trick."

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What did you and Peyton do to each other?!

"It got as far as doing things with the live audience! Peyton played one of my songs from when I was like 10 years old to the audience, and it was horrible! It was so embarrassing. For me, I begged the writers and directors to let me stop a whole scene to embarrass him in front of them. But I don’t think the audience understood what was going on. In the middle of the scene we just stopped and tackled him to the floor. Some pranks are better than others!"

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We recently saw you in Daniel Radcliffe's new movie, Horns! Did you get a chance to meet him?

"We were very lucky because we actually saw him very often throughout filming! It was really great to get the chance to talk to him and learn about him. He’s one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. He’s the kind of person who knows everyone’s names on a set. He’s very respectful and I look up to him a lot."

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Were you a Harry Potter fan?

"Yeah! I don’t know how you can’t love it! I saw all the films. I don’t think I was a Potterhead or anything, haha!"

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Last television show you binge-watched?

"Honestly I’m not a huge TV person. The only show that I’ve seen every episode of is Pretty Little Liars. It’s my favorite show. I wish I could get into other shows but I just don’t have time!"

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OMG, we love PLL, too! What do you want to happen next season?

"I’m tired of all the Ali drama! I just want answers. I think every single person who ever could’ve been ‘A’ was ‘A!’ I can’t even figure it out. I had a huge hunch about Ezra, but now it’s like…oh…he’s innocent? OK."

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What's your go-to karaoke song?

"Oh my gosh, probably Adele if I want to be serious or Britney Spears if I want to have fun."

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