A New Full-Length CD is Finally Coming! + 12 More Things to Know from R5

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It’s been a little bit since we’ve heard from our fave family band, R5, but the Lynches (plus Ratliff) are back in the music game, and better than ever! C’mon people, don’t sleep on them now!

We got the chance to hang out with the R5 crew on the set of the group’s new music video for its latest single, “Smile” (which, bt-dubbs is our new fave song ever), and they all dished on their music, their inspirations and the songs they can’t get enough of. Ross Lynch even talked a little about the upcoming season finale of Austin & Ally, and what’s in store for the future of the hit show! *fangirling* Go ahead, get your R5 fix on now:

What's the inspiration behind the 'Smile' shoot?

Ross: "The inspiration behind the video is to literally make people smile, because that’s the meaning of the song, and that’s just what we want to do ultimately."

"It's kind of about doing ridiculous things in order to make someone else smile. (To Riker) How would you explain the song on a deeper level?"

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Inspiration continued...

Riker: "That's really all it is; it's as simple as that. It's like, 'I'll blow all my cash on you to make you smile.' Metaphorically, you know, it's I just, 'kinda wanna cheer you up.' Like, 'when it rains, I’ll turn your skies blue.' The main line of the song is, 'I'll run down your street naked just to get your attention' kind of thing, so it’s all, a little bit like that. It's very playful and very much just like, 'I wanna see you smile.' This song specifically is very much my personality. I'm very much all about having a good time and making sure everybody else is having a good time."

Ross: "But I think you touched on it right. The simplicity of just happiness."

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You guys have come a long way since Louder. What has been the inspiration for this new, edgier look that you guys are doing?

Riker: "Classic rock n' roll is the main inspiration."

Ross: "Also, we've always kinda had this going for us, it just wasn't shown as much, I don’t think."

Ratliff: "We're also just growing up."

Rydel: "When we all did Louder, we all looked so different. Ross looked like a baby! Well, not a baby, but he's grown up a lot. He's a man now!"

Ross: "Even though we've been a band for six years, now we've toured in five of the seven continents. We did like a 150 shows last year..."

Riker: "No, six continents!"

Ross: "We haven’t been in Africa."

Riker: "Oh sorry, I keep forgetting Antarctica."

Rydel: "Antarctica is the seventh."

Ross: "Yeah well we're not only growing up as people, we"re growing up as a band."

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You guys have mentioned before how you wanted to do as much writing for your new material as possible, so for this new material, like 'Smile,' how much did you guys get to write yourselves?

Ross: "It's cool because it's not all the time when you do get a lot of time to work on the record, especially me, I'm doing so many other things, I'm trying to film, I'm trying to kind of just spread things out, so it's hard to find time for everything, but this song was really fun because we got to go in and record some of the guitar tracks, like we were in the studio just hanging out, and there was a pool in the studio as well, so it was cool we were kinda just like jumping in the pool and stuff, it was really fun."

Riker: "The producers of the song are actually Australian, so we were chilling with them for weeks, and we went back out on tour and they started "Smile," and it was perfect because they started it kind of after following us and knowing how we are, so the way this song kind of came out was just basically completely us, because they knew exactly what they wanted to do and it worked perfectly for us to just come in and kind of finish it off."

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How soon can we be expecting a whole studio album?

Ross: "Later spring."

Rydel: "Spring 2015."

Ross: "We have the whole record finished, but now we're going back in and polishing it."

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You've done three EPs. You, like, do a lot of...

Ross: "I wouldn't count the first one though."

Rydel: "The first was just…"

Riker: "…demos. It was just like, 'Oh, let's put ourselves on iTunes because then when we're playing these super small fair gigs, we can be like, 'Hey, check us out on iTunes!'"

Ross: "It was literally five years ago."

Rydel: "Almost six. It was just like a good start for us, you know what I mean?"

Ross: "And I was 11."

Rydel: "Yeah, he was little, I pretty much wrote all the songs back then, me and Riker. And then Rocky produced them on his own. So then it was like a really good start, and we've come a long way. It was a good learning process."

Riker: "Yeah, so we consider our first EP Loud."

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Do your fans appreciate it that you do these little smaller EPs in between records?

Ross: "Yeah, it gives them a little material, and they don't have to wait as long."

Rydel: "Yeah, kind of like, 'Here's a little thing,' because then they're... although, an album, sometimes you have to wait two years for an album, so it's kind of like, 'Here's a little treat, thanks for being so patient with us.'"

Riker: "The way I look at it, the EPs give us more material to play live, and we can actually start playing those immediately, but I feel like a complete album is just more appreciated than an EP."

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Are you guys going on tour soon?

Ratliff: "We got this whole East Coast run coming up, but we're not doing a proper, proper tour until next summer probably."

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What is one song you always have to sing along to when it comes on the radio?

Rydel: ""All About That Bass," Meghan Trainor."

Rocky: ""Bang Bang," Ariana Grande."

Riker: "I liked "Rude." *starts singing*"

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Which one of your peers would you most like to work with?

Ross: "I would consider our peers being more of the sort of behind-the-scenes guys, like the producers. There's a lot of really cool producers that I want to work with. But also, there's people like old rockers like Brian May, that I would absolutely love to work with, and he's actually affiliated with Hollywood records, so there's a possibility of that happening and that psyches me out."

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So is that your dream collaboration?

Ross: "I think it would be amazing to just have lunch with him."

Riker: "We've also been working with Grouplove lately."

Ross: "Grouplove is really cool. We've also worked with 3oh!3's, Sean from 3oh!3… I don’t remember his last name."

Ratliff: "Sean Foreman."

Ross: "Yeah, he's a really cool dude. We're trying to collaborate more with people that are in our situation as well."

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Can we just talk about the season finale of Austin & Ally for a second?! SO good!

Ross: "That episode, 'cause we just watched it recently, it literally gave all of us kind of goosebumps in a way because that episode could have been our last episode. We kind of put all of our guns into it, if you know what I mean. We were all very focused that week, it was kind of a stressful week. It [was] a big decision for Austin. [You saw] which one he chose..."

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You think this has been your favorite season of Austin & Ally so far? In your mind, what made this season so great? Anything else you can give readers for the next season?

Ross: "I think every season has been good. Everything has been great. I don't think there's a season that sort of stands out more than others, but every season just gets better and we grow as actors, and as sitcom actors, which is completely different than any other style of acting I've ever done. I just think it's good because we all grow."

"Right now, we're on Episode 5. There's a big change coming, as far as "Sonic Boom"… Well, just, there's a big change coming up in Season Four!"

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FYI, R5’s “Smile” music video premieres tomorrow, December 23 on MTV. Don’t miss it!

This Is A Side of R5 That You’ve Never, Ever Seen Before

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