Mae Whitman Breaks Parenthood Fans’ Hearts One Last Time

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You may know Mae Whitman as Perks of Being a Wallflower’s Mary Elizabeth, or Bianca in the upcoming film, The Duff, but in between big-screen acting gigs she’s played the angsty-yet-lovable Amber on NBC’s Parenthood for the last five years.

Mae made a name for herself on the show for her impeccable ability to cry without looking hideous like most other people in the world and, in turn, for making every single viewer cry right along with her. And we expect those tears to come out in full force as the series finale of the beloved NBC drama airs tomorrow night.

While we here at are not emotionally ready to say goodbye to the Bravermans, it’s something that has to be done. So to make things a little easier for us (and for you guys!) we sat down and chatted with Mae about her last days on set, her close relationship with on-screen brother Miles Heizer (including the EXCLUSIVE info on their matching tattoos), and tons more!

Click through the gallery below to read the emotional interview and be sure to check back for part two of Mae’s interview!

We're SO sad that tonight's the last episode of Parenthood! How was your last day on set? Can you take us through it?

"Actually, some scheduling things got messed up because due to weather. We were all supposed to wrap at the same time and we ended up having to space it out and it was actually horrible for me. I basically had to keep working after everyone else got wrapped; I had to keep doing scenes and then letting go of someone. Like, Dax would wrap and it was a huge cry fest and we would give speeches and then it would be scene! I had to go back and work more and it was a true nightmare. It was really painful and hard to keep having to say bye to people, but it was really intimate."

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Wow, we can't imagine. You all seemed like you were SO close!

"I think however wonderful it seemed, or however close [you thought] we seemed, we were one hundred times closer. The things you don’t get to see is how close we are with the crew. I never worked with a group of such professional people who also are so loving, trusting and kind. It was the easiest job I’ve ever had simply because everyone on that show felt loved and trusted and respected. They were so good at their jobs, all I had to do was walk on and be present, and everything worked out. I’m so appreciative of the experiences I had and the things I learned but it was really hard."

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So, we're assuming this show's wrap felt different that anything else you've been a part of, right?

"It was very intimate, very real. Usually it’s like, 'okay, bye,' but this was like personal, tearful goodbyes to everyone. And nobody really believed it was ending. There were a lot of speeches and everybody got to stand up and say a few parting words to everybody. It was brutal. It was like losing a loved one; You just kind of keep mourning it. We are all in different phases of mourning."

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Did you get to keep anything from the set?

"I didn’t take too much! I took a couple pieces of clothing of Amber's that were cool and I actually wanted to keep her guitar, but NBC wanted to take for the museum of memorabilia. It was flattering so I couldn’t be mad about it. I did steal some photos off the wall of Amber’s apartment. She had some cool family pictures up in cool frames, so I took those and put them in the same order on my bedroom wall."

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We're kinda obsessed with your relationship with your on-screen brother, Miles Heizer! Didn't you just get tattoos together? Can you say what you got?

"Yeah, who cares at this point? We got matching alien Emojis! It’s really cool. We wanted to get the sandal Emoji but we were afraid the subtlety of the nude sandal would be lost, so we went with the alien Emoji. You’re the first one to know; This is an exclusive!"

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Ah, we want to see 'em! Post pictures!

"Eventually I will. Miles and I haven’t decided how we are going to release the information...but [we got them] on our forearms and they're really, really fun!"

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Check Out the Trailer for Mae’s New Movie!

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