The Shocking Drake & Josh Theories You Never Saw Coming

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Live-action Disney Channel TV series aren’t the only ones with crazy fan theories surrounding them — non-animated Nickelodeon television shows got a bunch, too! Just like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and even classics like Lizzie McGuire, Drake & Josh has its fair share of conspiracy theories and hidden messages. Don’t believe us? Here are X:

1. Megan runs away from home and changes her name to… Carly Shay. Everyone knows how much Megan (played by Miranda Cosgrove) despised her brothers. But this theory suggests something that you never would’ve thought of. After the show ended, Megan ran away from home with Crazy Steve (played by Jerry Trainor), changed her identity and convinced Steve that he was her older brother — since he’s, you know, crazy — thus creating iCarly.

2. The show exists in the same universe as iCarly and Victorious. It’s already quite clear how the theorist arrived at the Drake & JoshiCarly connection. As for Victorious, apart from the fact that they’ve done crossover eps between iCarly & Victorious AND one main character from each formed Sam & Cat, all three shows use Pear merchandise/electronics, they watch the same TV shows and use the same “curse” words.

OH, and it gets better. The actress who appeared as Drake & Josh’ boss, Helen, also appeared as the principal on Victorious. Portraying a woman named Helen. And she even said she worked at a movie theater! This case just blew wide open, folks.

Tumblr (drakenjosh)

Tumblr (drakenjosh)

3. It’s actually a reality show. The same theorist who suggested the aforementioned also suggests that, because Drake & Josh kick off each show with a monologue, that means that they know what’s about to happen — like how they do on reality series. Also, on an ep of iCarly, she supposedly watches — wait for it — Drake & Josh! *dun dun dun*

4. Drake, Josh & the rest of the family are dirty-minded humans. Or at least the show’s creators were. Check out what our friends at Smosh learned here.

WordPress (gettrendygifs)

WordPress (gettrendygifs)

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  • Nathan Forester

    Technically all Dan Schneider’s recent shows take place in the same universe so it is possible.

  • #G

    Oh, everyone’s thought of the runaway/name change possibility.