20 Times One Tree Hill’s Nathan Scott Ruined Real-Life Romance for You

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Whether you’re a diehard Naley shipper or were always more focused on Leyton, all One Tree Hill fans can agree on one thing — Nathan Scott was actually one of the most perfect characters on television. Like, EVER. Although it’s been almost three years since the show ended, Nathan’s unusually romantic actions and beyond heart-warming quotes are still fresh in our minds. But while we’re OB-SESSED with the character, we have a bit of a bone to pick with him; ‘Cause Nathan Scott seriously ruined all realistic expectations of love for everyone out there. Here are some of his best moments:

1. When his present trumped everything you’ve ever received:

2. When he made this rain confession:

3. And when he made simply standing in it look enticing.

4. When he put his pride aside:

5. When he risked his career for the good of his family:

6. When his bad-boy ways were done for good:

7. When he helped his son conquer his fear:

8. When he tried to teach Haley how to play basketball, even though she sucked:

9. When he promised her this:

10. And this:

11. When he proposed:

12. And when he was one of the only people who believed their marriage would actually work:

13. When he put on a show with his daughter:

14. When he told Haley exactly what she did for him:

15. When he protected her from a shooter:

16. And a fire:

17. When he desperately tried to get her out of her funk:

18. When he did this even though Haley thought he forgot it was Valentine’s Day:

19. When he set up a super romantic dinner, complete with mac ‘n cheese:

20. And everything about this moment:

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