All the Shocking Beauty & the Beast Theories You’ll Ever Need to Read

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The 1991 animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast is a classic beyond compare. So much so, that nearly 25 years later, we’re still singing its praises. And with the live-action adaptation, starring Emma Watson (and Ryan Gosling? Pretty please!), making its way into theaters next year, BatB is all anyone can talk about right now!

This is why it’s the perfect opportunity to find out all the fan theories surrounding the tale as old as time. Here are four shocking Beauty and the Beast theories you need to read about ASAP:

1. Jane from Tarzan is Belle and Beast’s granddaughter! For one, Tarzan was kind of like a ‘beast,’ yet Jane could understand him. Then there’s the whole fact that a Mrs. Potts-looking teapot and Chip-looking cups made their way into the 1999 film.

Tumblr (anotherdisney)

Tumblr (anotherdisney)

2. The Enchantress actually saved Beast’s life. “One must wonder why no one from Paris bothered to investigate when all contact from the Beast’s castle ceased due to the Enchantress’ curse.” Since the story takes place during The French Revolution, “the royal government in Paris would have much more to worry about, [and] would likely assume people in the Beast’s castle fell to the Revolutionaries.” This “implies the Enchantress inadvertently saved the Beast’s life, since the Revolutionaries, instead of simply slaughtering everyone therein, avoided further attacks on the cursed Castle itself — even if they had only encountered the Enchanted Furniture, instead of the Beast himself.”—TV Tropes

3. The story is connected to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It could just be yet another Disney Easter Egg, but one theory suggests that, since Belle was spotted in the “Out There” sequence of the Quasimodo tale, “Belle and her father originally lived in Paris during Frollo’s mad burning rampage. They moved away to the setting of Beauty and the Beast to get away from the violence.”



4. The real reason(s) Belle goes to the West Wing when she knows that it’s forbidden. Sure, curiosity. Or these possibilities
a. Lumiere had just organized an amazing dinner show to make her feel less like a prisoner… and it worked too well.
b. Belle reads a lot. And in the opening, she is shown reading a fairy tale. Belle must’ve figured out that the castle was enchanted, so she realized that in an enchanted place, where the scary-looking monster tells you NOT to look is probably where you’ll find the key to breaking the enchantment.
c. Belle just doesn’t like listening to people. Especially not when they try to tell her what to do.
d. Belle has read the story of ‘Bluebeard,’ and wanted to check the West Wing to make sure she wasn’t in that kind of castle.

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