10 Times Camila Cabello Was Way More Awkward Than You Ever Were

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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Fifth Harmony‘s Camila Cabello? If we had to guess, we’d say that the answer is way off the scale — in a good way! Because, not only is she talented and gorg, but she’s exactly like you. Scratch that, she’s the even more extreme version of you.

That is, if the you that we’re talking about is super awkward all of the time. If so, you’ve got a friend in Camila, Toy Story-style. Because, if you think that you’re awkward, she’s, like, whatever you are times 10. Don’t believe us? Here are ten times she proved just that:

That time she had a bonding sesh on the floor of a bathroom over some cereal.

It's less awkward when you consider the fact that she was bonding with none other than Ariana Grande. But, still, imagine walking into the bathroom, looking down and seeing that. What a sight.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

Whenever she literally can't stop herself from saying something strange in an interview.

It's called word vomit and we feel like Camila knows exactly what it's like.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

The time that she Snapchatted her dentist's view.

It's cool because it's so uncool.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

The time she shared her embarrassing Photobooth video with Dinah.

Proof that you just have to own your BFF weirdness!

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

The time she posed in a grocery store freezer while wearing a onesie.

Can you say "double whammy," folks?

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

Whenever she makes a weird face in an interview without realizing.

We see you, girl. We know you don't mean for us to, though.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

When she farted in front of her crush.

This awk moment is by Camilla's own admission, which she says happened in the fourth grade while watching a movie together. OMG.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

That time that she was just chillin' on a box of cereal.

As you commonly do, we're sure.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

The time she couldn't even manage her fangirl feels.

She's got a 1975 concert to thank for it, which we can all totally relate to. Natch.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

The time she went through an entire meet and greet with her zipper down.

OMG, and now there are hundreds of pieces of photographic evidence.

Photo: Instagram (@camila_cabello)

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