10 ’90s TV Show Titles with the Most Hilarious Foreign Translations

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When you think of the ’90s, a pretty defining feature of the decade HAS to be the TV shows. Just hearing the name or the theme song is enough to bring back a rush of nostalgia. But what if the way that you know your favorite throwback shows isn’t the way that everyone knows them? Come on, let us explain.

It turns out that, because of this fancy schmancy thing called “language variety,” lots of shows the world over are called entirely different things than they are here. We’re not sure if it’s because sometimes direct translation fails, or if it’s because it’s super weird to learn how other countries interpret our famous shows. All we know is that the outcome is funny a LOT of the time.

So, the next time that you think back on one of these ten shows from your childhood, delight in the fact that a kid across the globe has a similar nostalgia for a hilariously-translated title:

Saved by the Bell

When this show got syndicated in Germany, its title (translated to English) became the following fiasco: California High School — Break Stress and First Love. That's certainly a mouthful.

Photo: NBC

Beverly Hills 90210

The Portuguese title of this show, Barred from the Dance, sounds more like the title of an episode, rather than an entire show.

Photo: FOX

Boy Meets World

The French translated this title to Incorrigible Cory, which is funny because it gives the impression that Cory had it much more together than he did.

Photo: ABC

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In the States, it would be weird for this show to have been called Buffy: Beloved of the Crucifix like in Japan considering it had, oh, zero to do with Christianity.

Photo: The WB

My So-Called Life

In Japan, MSCL is known as 15-Year-Old Angela's Days. Mostly, we appreciate how specific and very complex their version is.

Photo: ABC

Freaks and Geeks

The most fun part of the Vietnamese title Peculiar and Eccentric is trying to figure out which word is supposed to mean "Freaks" and which is supposed to mean "Geeks."

Photo: NBC

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

In Hungary, this show's title translates to English as I Came to California. It's like, sure, that's literally what happens. But did they miss allll of the other things that happen?

Photo: NBC

Full House

In Italy, this show's title means something close to Fathers Borrowed, which is a fantastic mental image involving buying, selling and lending dads or something. We get it, though, because of Uncle Jesse and Joey's relationship to the girls. But still.

Photo: ABC

Married... with Children

For the life of us, we can't figure out what giant role birds have in the Estonian version of this show that made them title it Pigeons.

Photo: FOX

The X Files

This show dealt with extraterrestrial stuff, so does it make a lot or a little sense that the French translated it as At the Boundaries of Reality?

Photo: FOX

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  • Dora

    In Croatia Saved by the bell is called Crazy bell so yeah