10 Teen TV Show Titles with the Funniest Foreign Translations

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We had such a good time discovering all of the ’90s TV series that have hilarious foreign titles (thanks very much to the imperfect art of translating) that we thought we’d bring it back once more. This time, though, we’re cutting right to the core of your TV concerns.

That’s right — if it’s for teens, about teens and (maybe) starring teens, we’ve tracked down its foreign titles. And if they were hilarious, bizarre or a beautiful marriage of the two, it’s featured on this here list. Stay tuned for next week, when we tackle… Disney Channel Original Movies!

Pretty Little Liars

Don't go to Finland asking for PLL, because the locals will look at you silly until you wise up and ask for False Seducer.

Photo: ABC Family


In Hungary, this show is known as He Becomes A Star! and our biggest ish is that it's so freaking vague. There are tons of hes! Which one becomes the star? What about the shes? Ugh.

Photo: FOX

Hannah Montana

The Japanese know Miley's breakout show as Secret Idol Hannah Montana, which would've been great for a show about a popstar/CIA hybrid.

Photo: Disney Channel

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

We like the Polish translation of this show's title, Mystery Amy, because it leaves so much unanswered. What about Amy is a mystery? Is she the only mysterious one, or just the most important mystery? You see? Endless fun!

Photo: ABC Family


The Polish title for this show, V Means Victory, seems a little misguided. Surely, V could mean a lot of things. Like Vendetta, for example.

Photo: Nickelodeon

Gossip Girl

The Czechs' translated title, Super Gossipmonger, somehow rendered the GG cast a group of superheroes. (At least in our minds.)

Photo: The CW

One Tree Hill

To be honest, One Tree Hill is already a pretty odd title. The fact that Brazil made it even stranger with Bids of Life should've been expected.

Photo: The CW

Gilmore Girls

The Polish title for this show translates as Dear Trouble, which just doesn't pack as much of a punch as the alliterative American one. (Even that was alliterative!)

Photo: The CW

The O.C.

We hope that surfers use the Polish title of this show, Life on the Wave, to describe their everyday lives. If not, what even is the point?

Photo: The CW

Switched At Birth

It's weird because the Finnish title for this show, Changeling, is also the name of a creepy thriller movie here in the states. Wouldn't want to confuse those two accidentally.

Photo: ABC Family

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